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Winning Entries


Team: Melanie Swan, Mark Richard, Lily Lin

U-brella uses A-B testing to build profiles of high school students and matches those profiles with those of current college students, showing how current interests lead to more exciting opportunities in college.

Picture Yourself in College

Team: Kyle Ezold, Ted Curran, John Scott

Picture Yourself in College- Login Page
Our app, called Picture Yourself in College helps students stay engaged with their path to college by literally and figuratively "picturing" themselves in different higher educational settings. They can take photos of themselves and superimpose their image against different college campuses, then share the photos with friends on their social networks. While they're having fun with the images, they are also challenged to complete grade-scaffolded College Milestones like studying for the PSAT, asking for recommendation letters, and filling out the FAFSA. As they interact with the app over their 4 years in high school, it helps them collect all the materials they need for college applications, organize them, and send them off. These targeted milestones break the daunting task of applying to college into manageable interactions so students can start to picture themselves as "college-ready." more

Edventure: UConnect

Team: Carl Shan, Aatash Parikh, Brittany Cheng, Samir Makhani, Marissa Teitelman

A sophisticated design for peer-to-peer advising. more