2018 Disneyland FAQ

Each year the choir program travels to Anaheim for a performance at one of the Disneyland theme parks, a soundstage workshop, and other educational and recreational activities. The trip is a wonderful experience, and we encourage all students in the program to attend. 

Q. When is the Disneyland tour?
    A. Wednesday, April 18 - Saturday, April 21, 2018 (students will miss three days of school).

Q. Are all students eligible to go?
    A. All students are eligible to go on the trip, as long as they meet the trip eligibility requirements (GPA, behavior, attendance, etc). Depending on the number of students traveling, we will probably send one treble choir and one mixed (SATB) choir.

Q. Is the trip mandatory for choir students?
    A. No. Students are not required to go, and their grade will not be impacted one way or the other.

Q. Will there be extra rehearsals required?
    A. Yes, there will be a number of extra afternoon and early morning rehearsals in March and April that will be mandatory for all students traveling (sports conflicts, zero period AVID, etc., will be honored). These will be announced early in the spring semester.

Q. How much will the trip cost?
    A. The trip estimate is $720 per student, based on 70 students traveling. This includes transportation and lodging (Embassy Suites in Santa Ana), admissions to Disneyland and California Adventures, soundstage workshop and performance at Disneyland, admission to Medieval Times dinner theater, and an afternoon at Newport Beach. Breakfasts are included in the trip costs.

Q. Will there be fundraising opportunities to help pay for the trip?
    A. Absolutely, we will be holding fundraisers throughout the fall and winter to help raise money for the trip, including: 
  • Popcorn Palace (Oct)
  • Carol-o-grams (customized musical holiday greetings) (Nov-Dec)
  • Snap-Raise (online crowdsource fundraising).
Q. We have heard that all trips have to be free. Is this true?
    A. Yes, and no. We cannot mandate any fees to participate, but the trip still costs a lot of money which must be raised in order to go. The passage of AB 1575 in the California legislature mandates that no students be excluded from any class activity due to lack of funds. We can no longer collect mandatory fees from families to pay for trips. Instead, we will set fundraising benchmarks based on the number of students traveling and our total trip costs. In order to go on the trip we must raise an average of $250 per student by October 6, $500 per student by November 3, and the balance of the total trip fees by December 8, 2017. If the fundraising benchmarks are not met for ALL participating students, we will not be able to go on the trip, and all donations made must be returned.

Q. Will there be chaperones for the trip?
    A. There will be one chaperone for every 10-12 students.  Chaperones pay a reduced fee, based on double occupancy. Please contact Mr. Rockwell if you are interested in chaperoning.

Q. Are other family members allowed to come on the trip?
    A. Family members are allowed to "shadow" the trip (i.e., reserve hotel rooms at Embassy Suites, buy show tickets, and attend the park on the same day we will be there. Family members may see the performances, and meet up with the students. But they are asked not to pull their students away from the group experience. Family members must make their own reservations and travel arrangements. Chaperones are not allowed to take any other minor children with them, per district policy.

Suggested Packing List

2018 Trip Itinerary: