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Howard Yuan is a recent graduate of the University of Virginia Law School, ranked tenth in the nation according to US News. He recently took his bar exam and is preparing to work at a corporate law firm in DC once he receives the results. 

Howard received his undergraduate degree at UVA and transferred to UVA Law after completing his first-year at Notre Dame Law. Please join us on Tuesday to hear him speak about his experiences, future plans, and give advice regarding the law school applications process. We will reserve the final 10-20 minutes for a Q&A session so please feel free to bring any questions. 

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The College Park Law Society is a non-exclusive and on-campus organization at the University of Maryland, College Park. It is open to all undergraduate and graduate students. We are continually working towards uniting fellow Government and Politics and Criminal Justice majors across campus, as well as all those majors interested in a future pertaining to politics and the practice of law.


To provide students with an insight into the several aspects of law, such as civil, patent, criminal, malpractice, environmental, etc., as well as an insight into the specific responsibilities and duties the profession of a lawyer entails. Moreover, College Park Law Society will discuss various issues that surround the legal system today and investigate contemporary court cases. This organization also provides guidance to students interested in law school and who plan on applying to law school.