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Top Of Cabinet Decor

top of cabinet decor
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top of cabinet decor - Glass Top
Glass Top Display Case 36 Slot Ring Insert Liner New
Glass Top Display Case 36 Slot Ring Insert Liner New
Glass Top Display Case 36 Slot Ring Insert Liner New. Glass Top. Display Case. This is a new glass top black display tray case. This is great for keeping your items secure while traveling and easily displaying them. The glass top allows you to display your contents while keeping them dust free and secure. The latch on the lid help keep you from loosing any items. It measures approximately 8 1/4" x 7 1/4" x 2" (210 x 185 x 50 mm). Black Foam. Ring Display Tray Insert. This is a new black foam ring display tray insert pad that holds 36 rings. The top of the foam pad is black felt. At shows these are great for showing your sample line display. Fantastic for travel by keeping the rings organized. It measures approximately 7 3/4" x 6 3/4" (197 x 170 mm).

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Violin Cabinet
Violin Cabinet
With each violin, I've been purchasing inexpensive cases to store them in. Once I was close to finishing #4, I knew it just wasn't feasible to buy another case that would take up more room. My folks found this old China cabinet at an estate sale. It looked a ton different than what you see here. I didn't use the bottom of the cabinet because the 1970's dark Spanish decor style just didn't suite me but the top had some hope. I stripped the wood around the glass and then painted the rest after sanding and filling various holes. I also wired in 2 LED lights because the old lamp that was in the cabinet would have been way too hot and I didn't trust the wiring. It was a lot of work but I think it turned out nice. I might add some mirrors to the back of the cabinet and I will be adding some legs next summer. I've got them picked out but I need a break from this cabinet. It was way more work than I had figure on. It was worth it though. Initially, I was a little nervous about the humidity but we keep our humidifier in this room anyway and it has been staying about 50% inside the cabinet so I can't complain about that!
Art Nouveau sideboard/china cabinet
Art Nouveau sideboard/china cabinet
Picked up this gorgeous Art Nouveau marble topped china cabinet (and the matching sideboard) at a bizarre store we found that is a mish-mash of generic thrift items and high-end antiques. One of the doors needs to be repaired, and I need to have a new key made for the bottom doors, but I adore it. I know very little about the piece, other than it is circa 1910-1920 and is allegedly French.

top of cabinet decor