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Country Victorian Decor

country victorian decor
  • of or relating to Queen Victoria of Great Britain or to the age in which she ruled; "Victorian morals"
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country victorian decor - Framed Cherry
Framed Cherry Victorian Country Bluebirds Trees Bridge Pictures Art Print
Framed Cherry Victorian Country Bluebirds Trees Bridge Pictures Art Print
This beautiful framed art goes well in any room. Framed Art measures 19x23 inches is a solid wood frame which comes with a real picture frame tempered glass front. Premium craftsmanship and best of all it comes ready to hang on your wall. Yes, you can have a professionally custom framed art print at an affordable price. Save up to 65% compared to your local frame shop. One of our professionally trained framers will custom build your framed art and we will ship it directly to you ready to hang. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Handpainted Easter Eggs
Handpainted Easter Eggs
These actual hens' eggs are handpainted in Austrian cottages. Perfect to hang in your garlands around the house, they also look great grouped in an Easter basket or in egg cups. Each artist chooses a different design each year: floral, bunnies, chicks, Jesus, churches, lambs, maps... You might see similar eggs for $10 or even more, but we sell them for only $5.99 each because we want you to take them home :) For more info, contact heidi at heidiscottage dot com
Exterior Towers
Exterior Towers
Entirely gratuitous but absolutely beautiful, ornate stonework decor is a key hallmark of prosperous Victorian mills. These places were the true drivers of the country's wealth and they certainly weren't shy of signifying that fact with these elaborate facades.

country victorian decor
country victorian decor
Soho Building Smoking Chimneys Country Victorian Print
Old Antique Historical Victorian Prints Maps and Historic Fine Art ----------. Soho Building Smoking Chimneys Country Victorian Print Print C1898-1910 From My Own Country Or The Land We Live In Examples Of Victorian Social History Very Decorative For The Interior Designor And Home Da?Corator Genuine Clearance Now Up To 90% Off Retailfrom A Quality Lot. Purchased From An Old Antique Print Dealer At An Auctionsize Of Scan Aprox 10.5 X 7.5 Inches ( 266 X 190 )All Are Genuine Antique And Not Modern Copies