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Ultimate Hockey Training

ultimate hockey training
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  • Hockey refers to a family of sports in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball, or a puck, into the opponent's goal, using a hockey stick.
  • Hockey is an album by John Zorn featuring his early "game piece" composition of the same name. The album, first released on vinyl on Parachute Records in 1980, (tracks 4-9), and later re-released on CD on Tzadik Records with additional bonus tracks as part of the The Parachute Years Box Set in
ultimate hockey training - Ultimate Guide
Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Hockey
Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Hockey
The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Hockey is the most comprehensive and up-to-date hockey-specific training guide in the world today. It contains descriptions and photographs of over 80 of the most effective weight training, flexibility, and abdominal exercises used by athletes worldwide. This book features year-round hockey-specific weight-training programs guaranteed to improve your performance and get you results.
No other hockey book to date has been so well designed, so easy to use, and so committed to weight training. This book will have players increasing speed, strength, power, agility, and stamina while reducing chances of injury. This book guarantees more velocity and accuracy on slap shots, more power on checks, and more endurance making it possible to give it your all until the final whistle.
Both beginners and advanced athletes and weight trainers can follow this book and utilize its programs. From recreational to professional, thousands of athletes all over the world are already benefiting from this book and its techniques, and now you can too!
As an added bonus, this book also contains links to free record keeping charts which normally sell separately for $20.

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Stanley Cup @ the UC
Stanley Cup @ the UC
A triumphant homecoming to the sport's ultimate prize. It's just too bad the Cup couldn't have been raised in this building, but I'm not complaining!
Ultimate Ironman
Ultimate Ironman
Ultimate Ironman is one of my favorites in my collection. I bought this gem at the Comic Con 2004 in San Diego.

ultimate hockey training
ultimate hockey training
ShotTec the Ultimate Hockey Training Device
The Ultimate Hockey Training Device. Shot Tec is the result of a group of experienced Canadian Hockey professionals creating a product that isolates and trains the proper technique for the perfect wrist shot. "Many young hockey players overlook the importance of improving the basic wrist shot." Shot Tec trains the specific muscle groups for the perfect shot. Build Strength. Master Technique. The Shot Tec device itself is very simple and easy to use in any environment. In fact, you can use Shot Tec in the comfort of your own living room, or in the change room before a big game. Target the exact muscle groups required for perfect shot making - Shot Tec perfectly isolates all of the exact muscle groups to strengthen your body for making the perfect shot... and Scoring More Goals! Repetitively train your body and mind for perfect technique - Many of the greatest goal scorers of all time score almost exclusively with wrist shots! It is the quickest and most accurate. Shot Tec repetitively trains your mind and body to make perfect wrist shots, time and time again!