Swift Hockey Socks

swift hockey socks
    hockey socks
  • (Hockey sock) Hockey socks are ankle-to-thigh garments worn over protective gear by ice hockey players. They are form-fitting, traditionally made of a cotton or synthetic rib-knit fabric.
  • Swiftly
  • United States meat-packer who began the use of refrigerated railroad cars (1839-1903)
  • fleet: moving very fast; "fleet of foot"; "the fleet scurrying of squirrels"; "a swift current"; "swift flight of an arrow"; "a swift runner"
  • an English satirist born in Ireland (1667-1745)
swift hockey socks - Swiftwick Performance
Swiftwick Performance Four Socks, White, Medium
Swiftwick Performance Four Socks, White, Medium
Olefin produces a fast drying, lightweight sock with superb abrasion resistance and long-lasting durability. As a fiber, Olefin retains less than .01% of its weight in moisture and resists deterioration from chemicals and perspiration. The combination of nylon and spandex with the Olefin fiber helps create a softer, more comfortable sock with incredible breathability for everyday wear. Olefin, the only Nobel Prize-winning fiber, has a great story. Its production leaves very little waste; therefore, it has less environmental impact than most polymers and is easier to recycle. Olefin also has the lightest specific gravity of any other fabric. This is why our socks will float in water.

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My Favorite Things
My Favorite Things
Creative title, huh? Anyways, this has been going around and I kinda feel like it, so here are 100 of my favorite things (: 1.Friends 2.Family 3.Couples 4.My cat 5.Cursive L's 6.The number 4 (my birthday) 7.Palm trees 8.Taylor swift 9.Laughing 10Forever 21 11.Degrassi 12.The fact that when we were supposed to write about someone we admire for writing class, and I wrote about Taylor Swift, everyone thought I was stupid. Yet who got the 100%? This girl right here (; 13.This number 14.The feeling of sand between your toes 15.Munro Chambers ¦¦¦¦¦ 16.Glee 17.Photography 18.Flickr 19.Sunglasses 20.TinyTower. I'm obsessed hehe (: 21.My dolls 22.Youtube 23.Charlie Brown 24.Christmas Eve 25.Christmas 26.Taylor Swift's intense hair flips 27.Smoothies 28.Chocolate 29.Breakfast food 30.Taylor Swift on SNL 31.Eli Goldsworthy 32.Heart shaped rocks 33.Surfing 34.California 35.Weddings 36.Chocolate ice cream 37.Music 38.Sunshine 39.Swimming 40.August 9th, 2011 41.T-swizzle 42.Cross-processing pictures on picnik 43.Funny people 44.Riding my bike 45.Smiles 46.Inside jokes 47.Sewing 48.The movie Mean girls 49.Frozen red velvet and cream cheese frosting cake 50.Dressing up for Halloween 51.The Beatles 52.Saturday Night Live 53.When my school projects look really neat and pretty (: 54.Ranting about how annoying my eighth grade reading/writing teacher is/was. 55.My cousins 56.Roller coasters 57.Feeling like I'm wearing a really fashionable outfit 58.Rings 59.Necklaces 60.Writing words in the sand 61.Banana bread 62.Dogs 63.Hugs 64.The loud, crazy, and hilarious Cuban side of my family 65.Running outside barefoot 66.Bruno Mars 67.Yelling out random things to strangers while driving slowly. 68.The looks on those stranger's faces. 69.When people say stupid things that aren't meant to be funny, but are hilarious anyways (: 70.Trampolines 71.Doing cartwheels 72.Being extremely sarcastic 73.When my brother doesn't understand my extremely obvious sarcasm 74.Proving people wrong 75.Skipping 76.Walking during the 15 minute run in gym 77.Hockey 78.Bokeh (: 79.Accidentally taking a pretty intense picture 80.The word intense 81.Making cookies with my cousins and eating so much of the cookie dough that we only end up making 7 actual cookies 82.Sleeping in 83.Basketball 84.Summer 85.Winter 86.Attempting to take a jumping picture with my friends, but it ends up looking like we're trying to go to the bathroom XD 87.When you can finally see flower buds starting to grow after winter 88.The high dive at the pool 89.The things that Eli says on Degrassi 90.Nice people 91.God 92.Life 93.The beach 94.Making videos 95.Sunsets 96.Prank calls 97.My Asian friend and her complete obsession with anything Asian 98.Being comfy 99.Mismatched socks 100.Acting like a kid
k so i know this is like really similar to the picture right before this...they were in the same shoot. but i didnt know what to upload so i decided upon this one. my room is kind of filled with junk...an ornament allie gave me. mirror dice that charlotte gave me 4 years ago. swimming and softball medals on the side of my bed along with necklaces from new years. shaker field hockey poster, #1. taylor swift and kid cudi posters, kings of leon, maroon 5, and rihanna posters. certificate of completion for last years softball leauge. math textbook next to me. live&love jac vanek's on my wrist. they're barely noticeable though. 4,360 views on my stream view on black

swift hockey socks