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Huge Debate between College Democrats and College Republicans

November 13 in the Old Union Hall from 7-9 PM

Invite all of your friends on Facebook to the event


Cyber Café West social event has been postponed from Wed, new date TBA


Professional Fraternity Council will be holding a charity mall event to raise money for a battered woman shelter on November 28, need people to donate old, used clothing


Education not Deportation event

Call Congressmen/ women to encourage them to pass the DREAM bill to change immigration laws

Find the event on Facebook


Sergio- funding- turned in application to Financial Council mailbox- financial presentation Thursday night @9:30pm


Brian- Democratic Presidential Debate watching party

October 30, Tuesday, 9-11 PM

Trying to reserve a room and plasma TV in Mountainview for the event

Event in Hunter Hall, mountainveiw 


Jon- Rock the Vote event at Late Nite

Should be November 15, Thursday

Still trying to get bands


Brian- check out College Dems website at


College Democrats vs College Republicans Debate

Still need to get a moderator

Rob emailed some news stations about moderating the event, news station would get exclusive coverage


Binghamton rated as 8th worst city to work in the US


List of people who signed up to contact a club about sponsoring the debate:

Irish Student Union- Josh

Chabad- Ricky

International Club- Morgan

Diverse Cultural Excellence- Jeremy

Binghamton Students for International- Saul

Amnesty International- John

BAMS- Jane


Link with list of groups with email-

Include in email: College Democrats vs College Republicans Debate, November 13 in the Old Union Hall from 7-9 PM , ask to sponsor- help out with flyering, etc


Brian- GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Drive

Need people to help out at College Dems headquarters on November 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Friday to Tuesday)


Eboard had office hours again this week

Other people can also hold office hours if they wish, just let us know, anytime from 11AM-11PM