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2018 - 2019 Committee Chairpersons

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Auditing Margaret A. Yoos 
Calling / Email Linda J. Dessauer and Marilyn Welcsh  
Financial Advisory Linda Bayda 
House/Hostess Dolores J. Pasi 
Mailing Linda Dessauer and Carol Rhodes 
Membership Lori K. Miller 
Newsletter Dolores J. Pasi and Margaret Riffle 
Nominating Linda Dessauer 
Parliamentarian Barbara J. Bartchy 
Past President's Annual Luncheon Beth Sovacool 
Program Rojean M. Cole and Beth A. Sovacool 
Publicity Rojean M. Cole 
Ruth Wolter Tuition Grant Jodie L. Hawkins 
Scholarship Loans - Collections Julie Filliez Werren 
Scholarship Loans - Selections Chris Sbaraglia 
Sections Lewistine C. Holloway 
Webmaster Katie Cerrone-Arnold 
Showing 17 items