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President's Corner

November, 2017

On Saturday, August 26th, twelve CCC board members voluntarily attended a Board Training Workshop
held at the Canton District Library. The workshop was sponsored by Sisters of Charity and facilitated
by David Holmes from the Foundation Center in Cleveland.

One of the first things Holmes said was, “You have too many committees.” That got our attention! Then he
passed out an anonymous board survey that asked what we liked and disliked about serving on the board.
Statements ranged from what it would look like to serve on a perfect board to our likes and dislikes of serving on CCC’s Board. Just imagine serving on a perfect board! We would attend meetings regularly, come prepared, have a positive outlook, listen, respect everyone’s ideas, be creative, think outside
the box and be resourceful!

However, our likes and dislikes come into play! We like making friends, working with other board members, knowing people’s strengths, giving back and taking responsibility. Some dislikes about our meetings are: they are too long, there is too much side talk, some of our duties seem to be unclear and have no purpose. In addition, there is minimal training and sometimes no training during job transitions. More mentoring would improve this.

CCC Board Members are now focusing on improving the quality of service of our board. We want our board meetings to be more efficient and have created a new meeting structure. We are in the process of developing a marketing plan to share CCC with a wider audience and we are integrating new technology. “I believe we can build a better mouse trap, and we are off to a good start!”

Our Fall Fête, titled “98 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” reflected this, the 98th year of CCC. Peggy Yoos coordinated the event at the Scenic Brewing Company, 7253 Whipple Ave NW, North Canton. Dan Mueller, brewmaster, was an interesting speaker and his wife Hillary was a gracious hostess. Please visit their business, introduce yourself as a member of College Club of Canton and tell them you’ve heard only good things about them. They were most willing to work with us to host this year’s kick-off.

We are going to have a wonderful year filled with engaging, informative programs! I look forward to seeing many of you at the meetings. Remember, each of you is a recruiter for new members! We must keep new members coming in to keep this community asset growing and surviving.

~ Wanda Young