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President's Corner

August, 2018

As I reminisce about my first year as president of College Club of Canton, I am reflecting on two specific goals expressed in last year’s presidential letter: 1) increasing membership and 2) enhancing community awareness.

We continue to be challenged to maintain and increase membership. An aging population, health issues, life stage transitioning and death are contributing factors to declining membership, not only in College Club, but in most every organization out there. Our main goal must be to attract new members with a focus on the younger population in order to perpetuate the club and preserve its future. That’s a tall, but doable, order! Therefore EACH College Club member is an unofficial but essential part of the membership committee! We’re counting on you!

We have worked to improve community awareness through advertising via posters, personal invitations and radio interviews. Fundraisers at Taggart’s, Bob Evans, Mainstream Boutique and Battle of the Brains offered the general community an opportunity to support the goals of this 99 - year - old organization. We urge our members to both attend and promote all of our fundraising efforts during the coming year. See yearbook pages 58 and 59 for September and October fundraising details. Share these with others so they have the chance to support us, also.

Speaking of the coming year, the program committee under the direction of Beth Sovacool and Rebecca Weiford has planned a diverse and exciting selection of programs. From crisis to laughter to magic and music there is something to pique your interest. Mark your calendars NOW for the entire year! Invite others to accompany you to meetings, fund raisers and sections so they can appreciate the whole CCC experience. We do love learning, promoting education and socializing!

For your convenience a CCC brochure and an invitation card are enclosed with this mailing. Please share them to encourage club interest and membership growth.

I am honored to serve as your president for the second year and look forward to working with you to help our organization foster higher education in our community. Remember ~ College Club of Canton is a relatively unknown “jewel” preparing to celebrate its 100th birthday in 2019! That’s quite a feat!

~ Wanda Young