Tuition Grant - RWTG

The College Club of Canton is offering a tuition grant for women 25 years or older who needs one year or less to complete her college degree. This is also available to graduates who need additional requirements for a specific type of employment, and to licensed nurses who need an additional year for a degree. This is being offered with the hope that it will encourage a woman whose education was interrupted for some reason to return to college, thus enabling her to work in an educational, service, or cultural field.

  • Any applicant for this grant must live in the College Club community (Stark & adjacent counties) and be willing to work in her field in this area when she has completed her course of study.
  • Any woman interested in applying for this grant should be assured of acceptance by her chosen college or university and be able to present a definite plan to study for the completion of her degree requirements.
  • Applications may be secured from any member of the committee whose name is listed below or on the College Club of Canton web site To be eligible for consideration this year, they must be returned before March 1, 2020

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RWTG application 2020.pdf