Useful Links

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American Bee Journal
A good website to get info, and they have a free online journal that you can subscribe to.  Check out their links, as they've got some instructional info on there, as well as a much longer list of useful links.  
A website that I stumbled upon while looking for how to make an electric bear fence.  And turns out they've got some good info that you might enjoy!  Great for all levels, and settles some of the basics that other places take for granted. 
A good place for free info on diseases.  If you're keeping bees in the UK, it's a must-visit, as you can register your hives, and they'll check you for diseases.  Alternatively, you might enjoy this information from Wageningen, which can also be seen in Dutch!  They also diagnose bee samples for free... but I think you're supposed to be within the Netherlands...
An online community of beekeepers.  Wealth of information, and great to post for questions about everything beekeeping.  We're also on beesource, under the name College Beekeeper!

Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research & Extension Consortium.  Another good place for some of the basics of beekeeping.  You don't have to be in the USA to benefit from the info, and their explanations are thorough, if a bit long. 
It's nice to see videos of beekeeping.  This channel has a variety of videos, but you might be especially interested in the beekeeping video uploads.  It's also connected to their more technical and research based website, Bee Health at  The whole round of videos will probably take ~2 hours, but it's cut into smaller chapers, so take your time!