College Programs

One of the important parts of starting up college beekeeping programs is keeping in touch with other college programs.  It's a great way for administration to see where else this has worked, and why it's a good idea to get started. 
By all means, please get in touch with other groups, via the website, or on your own.  Let us know how things are going, and we can use your experiences to help other programs. 
If you've got documents that you used to set things up, or photographs, send em along.  There's no such thing as a bee grade photo.  Or a bad bee pun.

CLICK on the logos to get connected to more specific information about each program!
Student Beekeeping Initiatives in ACTION:

Boston University
Contact Person- Chris Hall, email: hall[at]

Cornell University
Contact- Cornell Bees, email: cornellbees[at]

Dartmouth College
Contact- Vivek Venkataraman, Vivek.V.Venkataraman.GR[at]dartmouth[dot]edu
Website (click logo above) 

Dos Pueblos High School
Contact Person- Avery Hardy, Email: averysb [at]

Harvard University
Contact Person- Julia Yu, email: Juliayu[at]

Haverford College
Contact Person- Dana Duncombe, email: dduncombe[at]
HB Woodlawn (Arlington, VA)
Contact Person- Neal Payne, email: Neal_Payne[at]

Ithaca College
Contact People: Jill Weidman, jweidma1 [at]; Ben Tolles, btolles1 [at]; Emily Healy, ehealy1 [at]

London School of Economics
Contact Person- LSE Bees, email:

Princeton University
Princeton BEE Team- bees[at]

Roanoke College
Contact Persons- Jeremy Peavey, email: jjpeavey[at]

Santa Barbara High School
Contact Person- Jose Caballero

Southern Oregon University
Contact Person- Sarah Red-Laird, Email: sarah[at]

The College of St. Scholastica 
Contact Person- David Gehlen, dgehlen[at]

United World College of the Atlantic
Contact Person- Chris Adam capadam[at]
Wageningen University
Contact- WageningenBeeTeam [at]

Washington University in St. Louis
Contact Person- Shannon Welsh, email: skwelsh[at], or wubeeschool[at]

Wellesley College
Contact Person- Nora E. Mishanec, Email: nmishane[at]
Western Connecticut State University
Contact Person- 
Bruna Oliveira, Email: oliveira039[at]

Student Beekeeping Initiatives in PROGRESS:

Bard College
Contact Person- Lexie Davis, lexiedavis724[at]

Bellevue College
Contact Person- Amber Christiansen, wamber7[at]

Broome Community College
Contact Person- Doug Haslett, greeneny[at]

Brown University
Contact Person- Eric Young, eric_young[at]

Columbia University
Contact Persons- Patricia Sazani, Neil McCormack

Duke University
Contact Person- David Clancy, djc37[at]

Portland Community College- Rock Creek
Biology and Environmental Science Student Association
Contact Persons- Bridgette Crement, brigette.crement [at], Aaron Brown, aaron.brown8 [at]

Rhode Island School of Design
Contact Person- Blake Hiltunen, bhiltune[at]

United World College in Maastricht
Contact Persons- Joelle Kubeneck, joelle.kubeneck [at]
Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific
Contact Person- Levi Westerveld, Email: levi_westerveld[at]

University School, Hunting Valley, Ohio
Contact Person- Devin Daugherty, Email: dedaugherty14[at]