Dealing With Summer

A common problem that student's face is the summer. 
This is something that you'll need to think about. 
Summer is a very important time for the bees, so you do need to make sure that there's someone in charge.  There's a fair amount of work to do, but with some proper planning, there's no need to worry, and the students that are away during the summer can still take part in the bee related aspects of summer. 
There are lots of ways around this issue, and you'll have to tailor it to your operation. 
The first question is what your campus looks like during the summer.  Are there students who stay for extra courses?  Perhaps research students staying in the labs?  Graduate students, who never leave?  Students running summer camps?  If any of these students are also in your beekeeping activity, then you've got a person on site who can take the reins.  Be very sure that they know what they're doing, and it's always better to have a couple of people, so that they can rely on each other.  It's a good idea to check up on their status a couple of times, just to be sure.  Very rarely is a college campus deserted for the entire summer. 
If you've been lucky enough to involve a faculty member or maintenance staff, who stays to work on campus during the summer, then perhaps they can be put in charge. 
And of course, there's always your local beekeeping association.  Helping over the summer could be as easy as checking on the bees once or twice.  Depending on your area, your summer preparations can be pushed a bit earlier to coincide with the term.  That could be as easy as adding a couple of extra empty supers for the honey flow.  Many beekeepers tend to leave the bees to their business during the summer, as that's when they get to the real work of honey production.
Keep in mind that summer is also a great time to strengthen your beekeeping activity.  With smaller groups around the hive, and a lack of other "normal" college student activities in place, the summer can be a time to get more individual hands-on experience with the hives.  It can also be a time to expand to other students who stay on campus.