1: Create Student Group

 Your first step should be to start an official student group at your college.

This will make you eligible for possible funds your school might provide, while also legitimizing your efforts.

Check up on what requirements need to be met.  Usually there's a certain minimum number of participants.  Talk to other people who might be interested.  At the start, it's great to have a large group to convince the administration that there's enough interest.  Be sure to keep the options open to everyone, including Professors and Staff, which makes your group more attractive to endorse.

If there's already a gardening club at your school, they're a great ally to pair up with.  See if you can pair up, cause it can take some of the work out if you hitch onto an existing organization. 
If they need convincing, remember that bees are excellent pollinators, and it's a great agricultural skill to learn.  Bees make a great addition to any student run veggie plot, and if they've got the space to tuck the hives nearby, even better. 

The first generation of Atlantic College beekeepers with their first two hives:
ps. That's me on the far right!