2: Contact Local Beekeepers

Local beekeepers and your local beekeeping association is the single most important connection you need to make. 

Local beekeepers are the best resource for knowing the beekeeping tricks of the trade for your region.  They're potentially a huge support, whether it be through equipment donations, teaching newbies, lending equipment, catching swarms, summer maintenance, or bee troubleshooting.

Finding a local beekeeping association is as simple as it is to google.  Make contact, letting them know from what school you're at, and that you'd like to start a beekeeping group.  See if they have suggestions for helpful beekeepers in your neighborhood. 

Some associations charge a fee to be a member.  As a student group, they may waive the fee, or allow the whole group to register under one member fee.  It can be helpful to be a member, and if you can make it to their meetings, go.  You'll learn lots, and make lots of contacts.