Academic Admin?


You're part of a school,

and you're NOT a beekeeper,

but you think bees at your school would be awesome. 

...well great, because we do too!


Unfortunately… sometimes… the administration is the biggest hurdle in the way of a student beekeeping initiative.  Not always, but sometimes.  Sometimes they’re awesome from the start.  What we do know is that once the bees are settled onto campus, the administration tends to be super proud of this awesome endeavour. 


But in this case, you’re already on-board.  And that’s fantastic!  So where to go from here?

(after checking out the entire website)


Here’s what we need from you:


Permission- pretty straightforward.  We just need to know that we’ve gotten the green light on this. 


Location- something on-campus.  Check out the rest of the site for what makes a good location.  Keep in mind that rooftop beekeeping is not the end of the world. 


Funding- is your campus able to provide some starter funds?  If so, how much?  If not, we can get around that, but it’ll take some thinking. 


Faculty- seeing as you’re involved with the school, it’ll be great to have an interested faculty member.  Someone who wants to learn beekeeping, to provide some continuity to the beekeeping activity.  Check around, because you might be surprised who knows beekeeping.  Check with ALL staff, not just profs!  This does not need to be a full-time thing, but we do need someone interested and committed.  Maybe this person... is YOU?


See what you find on these fronts, and send us an email at
Let us know:
where you’re located,
how far you’ve gotten,
and what remains to be done. 


After that, we can get to OUR side of things. 

The first thing we’re going to want to do is get a group of interested students together.  That’s going to be easier than you think.  We’ll make up some flyers, and have the students contact us directly.  Yeah, you might have to print/put up the posters yourself.  Because we’re not going to travel out to your school just to put up a flyer. 

They’ll then get the info on what’s already been organized, and what’s next to do.  If you’ve seen the other part of the website, they’re basically half-way there. 


Once that’s in progress, we’ll start the search for your primary beekeeping contact.  The students can go about making contact directly, and starting a relationship between the local beekeeping association and your school.


Easy peasy. 


...And what’s in it for you? 

What can a student beekeeping initiative do for your school?

Well… if the students are enjoying it, then you’ve got happier students.  And that’s always a plus.

Bees can also be used in your curriculum.  And it’s not just biology.  Chemistry, physics, mathematics, history, philosophy, sociology, economics.  Believe it or not, you’ll be able to connect the bees to just about anything you want to.  (we’re not going to put all the examples here, but you can always ask if you need help)
Students keeping bees?  That's not something you hear about everyday (unfortunately).  Perhaps you can use this new initiative to show how your school endorses cool activities...

And of course, campus honey!  But keep in mind that if you’re taking their honey, you’ll need to provide funding, because they rely on the funds to keep the venture sustainable.