With pollinators declining,
and beekeepers aging,
it's essential to get younger people involved in beekeeping.

This website is intended to help
students initiate beekeeping programs

at their place of education.

What do we mean by a student beekeeping program?
As with every school, each student beekeeping program is different.  The general idea is that the students learn beekeeping by maintaining their own hives.  Sometimes the hives are located on-campus, sometimes not.  Sometimes they're owned by the students, or the school, or a local beekeeper loaning them out for teaching purposes. 
This is not a setup where students go to classes to learn, and then start beekeeping themselves, but rather a scenario where beekeeping becomes an activity that students can partake in, develop, and learn as a collective.  After graduation, we hope that the students will be enthusiastic and better equipped to begin beekeeping wherever they go. 

Beekeeping is a skill that you only truly learn from hands on experience. 
Luckily, beekeepers are an enthusiastic bunch, usually willing to help teach newbies. 
With the resources and headcount of a college (or similar institution), you've got the perfect brew to start your own student propelled beekeeping initiative. 

In order to make full use of this website, check to the tabs on the left. 
There you'll have the steps that are usually needed to get a student beekeeping program started.  Keep in mind that you'll have to tailor this guideline to your specific school. 

Most importantly: get in touch with other college beekeeping programs, or nearby schools.
We hope that this site can be used to help students from one college gear up another college to start their own program. 

If you're involved in a college beekeeping program, shoot us an email at so we can make contact!

If you're INTERESTED in starting up a college beekeeping program, shoot us an EMAIL, and we'll see how we can help you move along.  Everyone runs along some snags, and perhaps we've got an idea to get you around it. 

We'd love to hear how things have worked out for you, and hopefully we can list your program here so that others can learn from your example.  If you have documents that you used to help move the program along, we can upload them, so others can see how its done!

[One Disclaimer: Although the website is called "College Beekeeper" you DON'T have to be in "College" to start up a student beekeeping initiative.  Many of our programs are run from high-schools, and whether it's a grad school, community college, trade school, university, etc, as long as there are students collectively learning beekeeping, then it's ok by us.  In addition, don't feel that you have to be a STUDENT to start one up!  We've had beekeepers go for it, and do very well.  If you're a Prof at a school, and you want to try it out, go for it!]