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  Artist Colleen Murphy, Kingston, ON

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Local mixed-media artist Colleen Murphy has been producing artwork since she could hold a crayon. As a child, she would study works of art in friends' and neighbors' homes, wondering how the artists accomplished their amazing works. An introverted youngster, she spent most of her time drawing on anything and everything. She also developed a tremendous appreciation and deep love for the animal kingdom and the environment. 

This self-taught artist has many different styles. So different, that some have commented that they didn't think it was actually the same artist creating the various pieces in her portfolio. She has an ongoing interest in cartooning, an unusual sense of humor and her own set of characters in a comic strip.

Although born in a little town north of Kingston, Colleen calls Kingston home and has done so for many years. She loves the historical area with all its stories, the many beautiful and changing landscapes, Lake Ontario, Collins Bay, and the interesting characters she meets living in Kingston.

Colleen has been honing her craft as an artist for over 30 years. Her artwork is primarily grounded in realism. Several of her portraits and paintings have been mistaken for photographs. Having no formal training, her natural talent lies in creating realistic and detailed artwork but she also has a flair for the abstract. A high school art teacher encouraged her to dabble in abstract. This detour from her comfort zone has produced some of her most loved pieces. Please have a look through Colleen's Gallery, and see for yourself! 

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A portion of proceeds from artwork

commissioned through

the Trinity of Hope website

 will be donated to 

the Trinity of Hope - Giant Breed Dog Rescue Center.