Older News

Little Orphant Annie
For those interested in Colleen's early work, or Little Orphant Annie, or the poem the film was based on, or Little Orphan Annie, which was inspired by the poem, or any of the above, check out the Facebook page Orphan Annie's Author. This is a research project looking for information on all the above mentioned incarnations of the poem; if you have information that might help, please share it.

The site is still up!
This time a year or two ago I managed not to pay for the domain name, and so this site went missing for a few weeks. This year managed to update financial information and so I anticipate no outages for at least another year.

Colleen Moore on Boardwalk Empire!
Well sort of... In this week's episode "Acres of Diamonds," a college kid, hitting on a young woman, says "I didn't know they admitted Colleen Moore to this college."

Colleen on the Marquee
A little hard to read, but here's a photograph of the Cambria Theater in Johnstown, PA, in 1927 advertising Colleen's Orchids and Ermine. Thanks to Paul Culin for finding this!