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Joseph Yranski's notes: Flaming Youth,The Nth Commandment,The Perfect Flapper, Through the Dark.

Colleen at a dressing table applying perfume to her lips, a tattoo on her upper arms, (in the costume with the Spanish comb in her hair) she then walks around the room in a seductive manner then goes to the top of the staircase to look down at the party.
Next scene she is dancing with a young man, wearing a different dress (with rows of mink trim, in a geometric pattern). Colleen states, “Well, anyone could dance with as good a dancer as you are!” She leans against the bottom of the staircase as the boy goes for drinks.
Next scene, Milton Sills “A wanderer, who has found life a rather amusing tragedy” he picks up a portrait of Colleen’s mother and she says, “Mother told us about knowing you in Paris. Were you very much in love with her?” Milton “To me, my dear your mother seemed a rare and radiant – spirit.” He goes on the say “So you are Pat! I pictured you as still a child, your mother talked about. You make me feel quite old. Your mother use to tell me of you and your sisters. Once she said, Wait until they grow up, then come back to America and marry one of them.” To which Colleen states “And did you wait?”
Next scene is at a party where all of the couples are on the floor necking, while a man with his trousers rolled up to the knee and without his Tux jacket and wearing a fringed lampshade around his waist is leading them singing “Here We Go Gathering Nuts In May” while he is doing a very fey dance.
Next scene finds Colleen in her mink trimmed dress kissing Milton Sills
Next scene “The dedication of Mr. & Mrs. T. Jameson James’ new swimming pool- Motto for the evening: Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop (of it) to drink.”
The scene opens with the “spirit of Flaming Youth” doing a Hula in the middle of the pool, partially obscured by coursing fountains. CM and MS laugh as a drunken man goes to the girl and carries her away. CM that states that “ Don’t be alarmed if I go all to smash in your hands – I’m not responsible when I’m listening to wonderful music (a Hawaiian Band)” The Me James gets up and announces “I vote that we light up the pool and take a plunge – anyway we like!” CM tells MS “Mr. Scott, I thinks it is time to take me home.” The revelers go off screen than return in silhouette backlit, and frolic in their underwear dancing around and diving into the pool like cannibals, it lasts longer than you would think.

“Nth Commandment you follow them, the unwritten commandment to serve, suffer, to sacrifice for whom you love and cherish.”
In a large urban Department Store are Eddie Philips a song demonstrator and “ladies man,” Colleen Moore who works in the “Queenly Shape” Corset Dept, and James Morrison as the sickly “wrapper.” Good comedy bit of Colleen trying to get a women into a corset without much luck, “Can’t we try a larger size?” asks Colleen, to which the woman replies, “I can take a lot more pain first!!” The head of “Queenly Shape” is a rather effeminate Jewish man. After work, the group goes to a Roller Skating Rink, Morrison is a bad skater and when he and Colleen fall down, Colleen goes off with Eddie (a great skater). End of reel #1. Morrison goes to a park bench alone and is kidded by the cop “Girl give you the air?” and then laughs. Meanwhile Colleen goes with Eddie to a Chinese Restaurant for the first time, and comments, “Isn’t it a shame that the handles are broken off the cups?” Edie replies that Colleen surely hasn’t been out much, and instructs her to balance the cup between the thumb and pinkie, which she does. While Eddie puts the moves on Colleen, she misunderstands and thinks that they are engaged, which Eddie quickly corrects. She is embarrassed and finds Morrison on the park bench and they are engaged. The next scene is Colleen in a plaid dress scrubbing the floor of their tiny flat. Friends from the store arrive and Colleen goes on about “getting a better place when Morrison is made Head of Wrapping.” The friends are working in a new Musical Show at $100.00 a week with all of the music by Eddie. Morrison is passed over for promotion because of his illness, and when he comes home he and Colleen quarrel, she tells him that Eddie had wanted to marry her and is now making $150.00 per week, while they starve. She slams out of the house and swears never to return, but Morrison says “Bring back a pack of Chesterfield when you get back.” She goes to former girlfriend’s apartment. End of reel.
Many Missing reels
Reel #8 At Christmastime Colleen and Eddie are in a cab and Colleen has two rows of silver tinsel in her hair. When Eddie tries to put the moves on her she cries out “You dirty Masher!” Fleeing the cab she runs into her tenement and locks the door. Tossing the tinsel into the garbage she enters her apartment and we see the original “Charlie Brown two foot high Christmas Tree” on a center table. Noticing Morrison fallen out of a rocking chair next to an open window, she comforts him. Informing him that she made $300.00 dancing at a club, he is not upset but overjoyed. “That means California, Already I can feel the sun shining! I can work again and then send for you and the baby.” Colleen takes a parcel from under her coat; it is a mechanical polar bear that can walk. “This is the bear that baby cried for last Sunday!” and the tot wakes up and plays with his toy as Morrison exclaims “It ain’t fair, your doing this for us.” To which his wife replies, “Not everything is written in the Ten Commandments.”
Missing footage
Last shot is of Colleen and the baby playing on the steps of a California Bungalow, with masses of roses surrounding the veranda.

THE PERFECT FLAPPER - With Colleen Moore and Syd Chaplin
Incomplete print in 35mm
(Note: All title cards all bare the following logo “Holly 0468, H.C. Jacobs Meyer Co. 438-479”)
Opening title “The girl of today – herself a problem – has her own problem to face – what kind of girl must I be – the kind of girl the boys want me to be” Colleen Moore in her Juliet costume at her own party, which Phyllis Haver criticizes as being too tame and boring, just like Tommie Lou herself”
A grand-dame “what more can a young man want than a girl who is carefully brought up with decorum.”
Colleen is so upset as to what a flop her costume party has become, runs away and states, “I’m not popular with the boys”
Colleen hides in the palms, so Syd Chaplin picks up a tray of over a dozen cocktails in silver cups and they each drink six, and become rather tipsy. They then leave the party going to a roadhouse called “THE LAUREL INN” (which is the same exterior set that will be reused in IRENE as the “DEW DROP INN.” Once there Syd, get on top of a table and projects Shakespeare, much to the amusement of the guests and Colleen getting a bit sick struggles up the staircase to the second floor, and eventually out onto the balcony. There is a long sequence where the drunken Syd wants her to jump and be caught in the small trails of his tunic, but Colleen climbs down the trellis getting caught along with Syd and a photographer snaps their picture. (Note while hanging off the balcony it is evident that Colleen is doing her own stunts and falls.) Once on the ground the sheriff arrests the pair.
The next morning finds Phyllis Haver in a sunken tub taking a mud bath, when the contrite Syd arrives; she throws him out after reading of his exploits in the paper. She and her mother decide to sue for divorce, but Syd’s friend Frank Mayo, wants to hear the husband’s account. Colleen suffering with a hangover, and still in her “Juliet dress” from the night before has an ice bag tied to her head.
Syd explains that he was just trying to make a nice girl feel better and that he really does love Phyllis. At that moment Colleen enters in s strange black velvet and lame dress and freaks out both men with her childish attempts at being a seductress. Later in an auto she tries to impress Mayo, by asking for a cigarette, and other female gambits including showing him her pocketbook created out of a fabric doll.
Then Mayo asks if Syd will be attending a hot party with Colleen and answers, NO!
The party takes place in a large frame house that is being moved from one location to another with the revelers inside during the move. Colleen becomes the life of the party and eventually goes up to the roof where she sits down on the chimney and holds reins, as if she were controlling a sleigh, but a sudden jerk to the house tumbles Colleen down the chimney.

With Colleen Moore top billed over Forrest Stanley
In the shadows of San Francisco Chinatown, a kindly elderly woman runs a home for Wayward “crooks.” Looking after them, as long as they stay straight, or at least she thinks they are. We meet “Glad Rags Kid” played by Eddie Philips a smooth but cowardly con man, “Traveler” a short superstitious petty crook (who has a great running sequence where after he steals an opal from a gentleman (bad luck) the cop chases him and “Boston Blackie” serving time in the hemp mill at San Quinton prison. Alas there is no footage of Colleen Moore, or Carmelita Gerrathy, in the surviving first reel of the film.