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Port Huron and Hillsdale, MI

Colleen's immediate family (she was Kathleen back then) was small, just her father, mother, grandmother and her younger brother Cleeve. The extended family was larger. She had cousins on both her mother's and father's side of the family. In addition, her aunts on her mother's side (some of whom married well) were frequent visitors and often brought Kathleen gifts of dolls. This is where her love of dolls and dollhouses began.

Her family moved frequently, at least once during their time in Port Huron, and from there around the east half of the country. The 1900 census records indicate that in June 1900 she was living at home with her Grandmother, her Aunt Kathleen, her Mother Agnes and Father Charles. Presumably she received her Baptism during this time, though the church records have yet to be uncovered.

Port Huron

Port Huron, Mich. 1894, Pauli, C. J., Milwaukee [1894]
G4114.P7A3 1894 .P3, Library of Congress Geography and Map Division Washington, D.C. 20540-4650 USA


Sometime around 1905 the family moved to Hillsdale, Michigan, for about two and a half years. This move was prior to the family relocating to Atlanta around 1908. Until recently this move was conjecture... though mentioned by Colleen, there was no evidence of the family's stay in the local newspaper: the Hillsdale Democrat .
The paper at the time was given over largely to local and state matters, like this small gem: Another item was as concise as any news story could be, offering both summary and commentary: “A lighted match dropping into a show window full of fireworks caused a premature celebration in a grocery store at Hudson Tuesday night. The effect was dazzling, the damage considerable.” (Hillsdale Democrat, June 30, 1905. Page 1.) However, Steve Moore of Port Huron recently found a clipping in the Port Huron Daily Herald of June 7th, 1905 (page 2, column 4) mentioning the return of Charles Morrison (Colleen's father) to Hillsdale following a recent visit to family in Port Huron. This would seem to be confirmation that Charles and the family lived in the city for some period of time, even if they left behind no record in Hillsdale.