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Atlanta, GA and Warren, PA

By 1908 the family had relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. They are listed at three different addresses during their stay (From the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library city directories): In 1908 the family of Charles and Agnes Morrison lived at 301 Capitol Avenue. In 1909 – they lived at 41 Linden Avenue. In 1910 they lived at 240 N. Jackson Street. All large, two-story homes with front and rear galleries (Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps). In 1908 and 1910 the Morrison family would have lived within the territory of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, which is probably where Kathleen went to school (though there were Immaculate Conception elementary schools, to complicate matters). In 1909, it is possible that Kathleen attended Sacred Heart Academy, as the Morrison home at the time would have been within their parish boundaries.

A few listings for the Morrison family in the Atlanta Constitution's society pages

September 5th, 1909 Atlanta Constitution: page A5 “Society” “Mr. E. Elwyn Spencer, of Chicago, is the guest of his aunt, Mrs. Charles Morrison, on Jackson street.”

September 5th, 1909 Atlanta Constitution: page A5 “Society” Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Charles Morrison have returned from Chicago (directly below other social item of 9/5/09.)

September 9th, 1909 Atlanta Constitution: page 8 “Social Items” “Mrs. Charles Morrison has as her guest at her home on North Jackson Street her sister Mrs. Stone.”

November 9th, 1909 Atlanta Constitution: page 8 “Society” “Miss Beatrice Stone (Agnes Morrison’s sister) will be in town for the auto races. She will be the guest of Mrs. Charles Morrison.”  Beatrice Stone was the mother of Jack Stone, who would later appear with his cousin in several of her films including most famously in “Lilac Time.” During this time the family lives on Jackson Street.

January 20th, 1910 Atlanta Constitution: page 8 “Social Items” “Mr. Charles Morrison, who has been ill at his home on Jackson Street, is better.”

February 18th, 1910 Atlanta Constitution: page 8 “Social Items” “Mr. Charles Morrison has returned to the city.”


The 1910 Federal Census confirms that the family was living in Atlanta: Charles, Agnes, Kathleen, Cleeve, but not with grandmother Kelly at the time of the enumeration. Shortly after the enumeration, the family moved on to the next city: June 10th the Atlanta Constitution social page reports, “Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morrison and children and Mrs. Beatrice Stone leave today to make their home in Warren Pa.” 

Warren, PA

Warren was a lumber town that later turned to oil refining (there are more than one city in the state named Warren, I have not identified which one they moved to. I’m assuming the Warren that is the county seat of Warren County.) Kathleen most likely attended school at St. Joseph School. The school encompassed all of Warren County and children from St. Joseph, Holy Redeemer (Warren), St. Anthony (Sheffield) St. Thomas & St. John (Tidioute) and St. Luke (Youngsville) could attend. "As per parish borders St. Joseph covered most of the north, south and west side of Warren Holy Redeemer covered the east side and was a much smaller parish." (Thanks to Lynnette Hinton, Parish Secretary, for this information.)

The relocation to lasted about a year, and then they were on the move again, this time for Tampa, Florida.