Google Chrome Extensions vs. Add-ons vs. Apps

Molly Schroeder does a great job of explaining the difference between an Extension and an App.

Useful APPS for Teachers (Most of these are just like a bookmark)

  • Incredible Startpage - Wow, take notes on your start page, keep track of apps, ext, etc.  This is awesome!

  • Mindmeister - Create Mindmaps (Good app, but I like the add-on better!)

  • Pixton - Make comics quick and easy

  • Dropbox - Another way to easily access your Dropbox

  • Pocket - Evernote replacement?

My fav Chrome extensions (Add functionality and versatility to your favorite web browser!):

  • Adblock - Turn off Youtube ads and ads on other pages

  • Clearly - A bit like Safari “Reader” BUT it also saves to Evernote

  • Clearly

  • Google Docs Quick Create- Let's you create a doc quickly without going back to your drive.

  • Shorten Me- My absolute favorite extension! I use this everyday! It not only shortens the link, but creates a QR code!

  • Tab Jump - For those of you who use 20 million tabs… :)

  • PicMonkey - Takes a screenshot of the page you are working on and lets you edit it.
  • WolframAlpha- Remember when Alan November talked about this awesome tool? Access it directly from your browser!
  • (Saving tabs as bookmarks)- Not an extension- just a super cool trick!
  • Noteboard - Like Wallwisher or Padlet built into your Browser
  • Goobric - Adds rubric grading functionality to the Doctopus Add-on.  If Doctopus was Batman, this extension would be Robin.Watch a video about Goobric

Google Drive Add-ons for Educators

Add-ons for Docs

  • Charts: On a Gdoc, create charts from a spreadsheet and insert directly into your document.
             Turns this spreadsheet........................................................into a chart!
  • Easybib: Have students insert bibliography correctly and directly into Gdoc!
  • Mindmeister: Turn your bulleted list into a mind map! Great for organizing writing and thinking visually.  
  • YouTube Video

  • Open Clip Art: I know your students love clip art and they are always getting images blocked. Here is an easy solution for that!
  • Table of Contents: Adds a Table of Content to your Gdoc. Makes an easily bookmarked table of contents so you can jump around on your document!

  • Template Gallery: This thing is kind of amazing. It has templates of calendars (which teachers are always asking for), templates for lesson plans, sign up sheets, etc.  Google also has a template gallery that can be helpful if you want your kids to write a newspaper article, resume, etc if you can’t find what you want in this add-on.

  • Texthelp study skills: Puts highlighting tools in an easily accessible sidebar.  You could have students annotate and close read a doc in groups!

  • Track Changes: Just like Word’s track changes. Also, don’t forget that Google has a revision history built in under File> Revision History

  • Twitter Curator: If you host Twitter chats in your classroom, or are using them to expand your PLN, you can use this nifty add-on like Storify and save it directly to your Gdrive.

Add-ons for Sheets

  • Autocrat: (Document Merge is like this too, but Autocrat was made for NY public schools) Powerful Mail merge add on for sheets.  Pre-Mail Merge knowledge would be helpful! Can take info from a spreadsheet to create personalized documents for parents, students,etc.  
  • Doctopus: An octopus for Google Drive! NYC teacher-built tool for scaffolding, managing, organizing, and assessing student projects in Google Drive.  Doctopus gives teachers the ability to mass-copy (from a starter template), share, and manage grading and feedback for student projects in Google Drive.
  • Watch a screencast about Doctopus w/ Goobric
  • (Let's practice with Doctopus and see how the folder system works.  Open the spreadsheet I've shared with you, create a roster on a new spreadsheet, and share an assignment with the others in this class. We'll spend some time working on each other's assignments and then re-visit our own Doctopus Sheet.)
  • Flubaroo: FREE add-on for Google Forms/Sheets which lets you quickly grade and analyze student performance on multiple choice and fill-in assignments. Watch a video about Flubaroo It will even email them their grade!
  • Screenshot 2014-06-09 14.25.36.png
  • g(Math): Create complex math and graphs into a cell directly on your Google Sheet.

  • Kaizena: Shortcut to open Gdoc in Kaizena so you can leave verbal comments. However, it will take some work on your end to make sure students can access the comments.

  • Styles: Format your sheets with this simple and quick add-on.

  • Template Gallery: Google also has a template gallery, this can be helpful if you want your kids to write a newspaper article, resume, etc!

  • Workflows: Allows you to send docs and sheets for approval to others. Would be great for student projects or revising student papers.

  • FormMule: Track sign in, make Google Sheets do more than you ever knew possible! (Again, you’ll have to have some background in Excel to really be efficient with this add-on) Old script- waiting to see if they are making an add-on

  • Sheet Spider: This script is a lot like Pushdata, it will push data from one spreadsheet to another. (Does not work with new sheets yet.)

Bonus Stuff for Math Department

These are apps, but also, because they are within Chrome you can use Google Drive/Doctopus to distribute assignments you created from the app.


GeoGebra: The world’s favorite dynamic mathematics software. Learn. Teach. Share. GeoGebra ( is free dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. GeoGebra Review Demo Video:


Desmos: Graphing calculator  “Beautiful, powerful, free math exploration! Brought to you by   We set out to re-imagine the graphing calculator from the ground up, building on the best technologies available. This is beautiful, powerful, intuitive math that lives completely in your browser -- for free! Now with tables of data, slider animation, moveable points, and more!”


Desmos Review/Demo Video         

Coming this fall