Minisymposium at ECMTB 2014

This minisymposium will take place on June 18th 11:40-15:30 at the 9th European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ECMTB 2014) in Gothenburg.
Abstract: Self-propelled particle models are increasingly used for modelling everything from cells and slime mould to bird flocks and fish schools. The remarkable property of these models is that simple rules at the individual level produce complex collective patterns at the level of the group. Mathematical analysis of these models has proceeded in a number of ways. Small numbers of particles (i.e. two or three) can be analysed via dynamical systems. Very large numbers of particles (i.e. infinite) can be treated using a continuum approximation. But a biologically relevant problem is explaining why groups of 100 or so particles produce particular complex shapes. The aim of this symposium is to start to think of ways of addressing this problem in a rigorous manner.
Schedule (preliminary): Wednesday June 18th
Daniel Strömbom, Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University.
David Sumpter, Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University.