Collective Impact For Pigs


Collective Impact for Pigs brings together various miniature pig advocacy organizations as a cross-sector coalition to address common problems miniature pigs face in U.S. society. This coalition of organizations have a shared vision of working together to maintain positive welfare for all miniature pigs.

Participating organizations include private, public, and government sector, all sharing their voices about current and future issues being addressed within their groups related to the positive welfare for all breeds of miniature pigs. 

Collective Impact for Pigs was created as a way to bring together the many voices representing miniature pig welfare to:
1. Continually share information in an effort to not duplicate efforts 
2. Support efforts of coalition organizations as needed

Collective Impact for Pigs will operate under the Five conditions as identified by "Collective Impact" Stanford Social Innovation Review, and 
1. Common agenda
2. Shared Measurement System
3. Mutually Reinforcing Activities
4. Continuous Communication
5. Backbone Organization


FRIDAY 8/11/17 THROUGH SUNDAY 8/13/2017. 
Saturday educational events will be held in-person and available online if you cannot attend!

Click HERE for additional details about the event. 

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Penny Shumaker Jeffrey at