"Disinterring Minerals for Your Pleasure and Our Financial Success"

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  • Orca training With the recent progress of our members towards flying an Orca, we should be running more mining ops with one in the near future. This will greatly increase the efficiency of each mining op and help to gain more interested members in our corporation. It will also help us rape belts in the Verge and give us some visibility in the system. This may also come with unwanted visibility, which will need to be dealt with accordingly.Second, we will be discussing our recruitment strategy and application process this weekend. Things on the agenda include initiate roles, responsibilities and access rights of corp materials. Check the calendar for updates.
    Posted Oct 9, 2009, 8:23 AM by Caf Liquid
  • War Games Mining ops in high sector were compromised this past weekend, leading to an unfortunate loss of a corporation vehicle. The lost hulk is an example of security precautions that must be considered, no matter what security sector, and precautions must always be taken when engaging provoking enemies. With this said, we will be tasked at creating an appropriate protocol for future reference in such situations. Any member found disobeying a direct protocol order will be sanctioned by the corporation and disciplinary actions will be taken.Please review the protocol at all times and especially when in use of corporation resources or operations.
    Posted Sep 22, 2009, 7:51 AM by Caf Liquid
  • Strategic Planning We will be having a meeting with Corp members this Friday to take a look at our corporation goals and revise our structure. Please check the calendar for more info. Thanks. -zerv
    Posted Sep 11, 2009, 7:35 AM by Caf Liquid
  • Accounts Everyone that is a member should create a gmail and google account so that I can give access and permissions. It is easier to create a new gmail account with your CAF name so that when you post something, it doesn't show up as your personal account, unless you don't care about that. Thanks. -zerv
    Posted Sep 11, 2009, 7:35 AM by Caf Liquid
  • Grand Opening! The new website for our corporation has just been launched! Please feel free to check out all of the sections, and if you have any ideas or comments, please contact the webmaster in the contacts section. Thanks!
    Posted Sep 11, 2009, 6:53 AM by Caf Liquid
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Directives deal with operations of the corp. All directives must be obeyed at all times while under the employment of the Collective Astronomical Foray Corporation.

 # Directive
 Primary Before engaging enemies in battle, any and all attempts to make contact and achieve nonmilitary resolution must be made.
 Secondary Any member accused of a crime does not have to answer any questions.
 Tertiary Any member in direct control of corporation property will not engage a hostile force without the protection of a security officer.


Orders deal with the direct actions taken by corp members. All Orders must be followed by corp members as long as they do not interfere with the Protocol Directives.

 # Order
 A Any member under assault has the authority to engage and neutralize security threats to corporation operations.
 B Any member disobeying a direct order from a superior ranking officer will be punished accordingly.
 C Under the absence of an officer, the next highest ranking member has the authority to assume command of corp operations.
 D Destruction of corporation property is to only be used as a last resort, only to prevent items from falling into enemy hands.
 E Under any circumstances, no member is allowed to spend corporation resources in any extravagance, or major loss to the corporation funding without proper approval from the three highest ranking officials.
 F The taking of designated property, that belonging to CAF corporation or any other individual entity that such is already claimed by another individual or entity, is strictly forbidden. This does not apply to neutral resources or unclaimed items that would not activate kill rights.
 G Any member that fails to report any losses under normal use of corporation equipment or resources, or due to greed is strictly forbidden. This includes losses due to neglect and misuse.
 H Any member found holding corporation resources without consent from their highest ranking officer will be charged appropriately for these items.
 I Any command from an officer that is proven to be under influencing factors that may compromise operations or security of other corp members or resources shall be relieved of duty by the next highest ranking member. Influencing factors include items relating to extortion, mental alteration, compromised accounts, or anything motivated for own personal gain.
 J No member shall misrepresent the corporation in a fashion that may be taken negatively towards any other entity, except for situations that require hostile action to be taken that follow the core orders, regulations and directives.


Regulations deal with the conduct of corp relations with other corporations and entities. All regulations must be followed as long as they do not interfere with the Protocol Directives or violate direct Orders.

 # Regulation
 001 All signed treaties, contracts and alliances must be upheld. 
 002 At least two staff officers must be present during any treaty or contract negotiations.
 003 The highest ranking official may not partake in any operations unless absolutely necessary.
 004 Any hostile actions taken against the corporation by another corporation or faction must be reported to a commanding officer.
 005 Compromised members must take every precaution when in range of hostile enemies of the corp to prevent loss.
 006 Corp ships and equipment can be loaned only to members for operations, and must follow all direct Orders given. Any equipment that is kept by a member must follow guidelines for proper use and storage to prevent loss when not in use.

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Scolluzer VII - Moon 3 - Federal Navy Academy School

Scolluzer XI - Moon 4 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio