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Paris COLLADA PlugFest

May 11th, 2009

Come join COLLADA developers and test your tool's interoperability!

In partnership Cap Digital and Imaginove are pleased to sponsor a one-day event on Monday, May 11th, 2009 to help developers test their COLLADA importers and exporters.

So, bring your code and your content and we’ll help you show where improvements can be made!

Sign up here:

Be prepared to work closely with your peers to export your own content and import other's content so that your application can interoperate well with other COLLADA tools by the time you leave the plug-fest.

Bring your own development laptop so you can make changes directly to your own tool's source code, and be able to debug any import and export problems. Bring your build environment. For example, If you are on Windows, bring DevStudio. Be prepared to diagnose bugs in your software and offer guidance to those around you regarding the specifics of your own importer and exporter.

Coming from the event you will  have a better understanding of what content and tools works best between COLLADA implementations and where your own implementation needs more work.

We will do our best to bring you up to COLLADA par!


9:00 – 10:00: Welcome and introduction to COLLADA

10:00 – 19:00: Plug Fest!

Refreshments including a lunch buffet and drinks will be offered by CapDigital and Imaginove throughout the day.

COLLADA Experts Planning on Attending:

·       Dr Rémi Arnaud (Intel), Co-Creator of COLLADA: Rémi ARNAUD works in advanced visual computing in the Visual Computing Software Division (VCSD) within Intel’s Software and Services Group where he is leading the Game Engine Technology team and overseeing the team’s game tech infused CGI pipeline project. His career started in France in the R&D department of Thomson Training & Simulation (now Thales) designing and then leading the Space Magic real-time visual system. He moved to California in the 1990’s to work on the IRIS Performer project for SGI. He left SGI to co-found Intrinsic Graphics where he co-designed the Alchemy middleware game engine as Director of Technology. Most recently, he worked on the PLAYSTATION®3 SDK as Graphics Architect at Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D where he started the COLLADA standardization effort, now a part of the Khronos Group.


·         Mark Barnes (Expert Support), Co-Creator of COLLADA: Mark Barnes joined Expert Support in 2008 as a technical consultant. Mark was previously a Graphics Architect at Intel Corporation and recently a Staff Software Engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D where he was the COLLADA Project Lead. As a consultant, Mark continues his work as the principal designer and specification editor of COLLADA. Mark is the chairman for the COLLADA working group at The Khronos Group open standards consortium where he manages the activities and operations of its international members to further the global adoption of COLLADA. Mark is a coauthor (with Rémi Arnaud) of the book "COLLADA: Sailing the Gulf of 3D Digital Content Creation" and has given presentations about COLLADA design and features for the past several years including at: Siggraph 2004-2008, Eurographics 2005 and 2008, Imagina 2005, IGDA SF 2005, and GDC 2005 and 2009. Mark's experience and knowledge in the fields of visual simulation, database tools, distributed processing, and real-time graphics began in earnest in 1988 while working as a systems programmer at the NASA Ames Research Center Vertical Motion Simulator (VMS) laboratory. Mark (aka Marcus) is also well known for his work on the OpenFlight tools and specification while at MultiGen-Paradigm Inc. in the 1990's. Mark has been working almost continuously in the industry for almost two decades as a programmer, systems analyst, and software engineer.


·      Luc Bolduc (Autodesk, Media & Entertainment - Games): COLLADA Expert: Luc is the lead of Softimage interoperability and pipeline solution, Autodesk Crosswalk. He is in charge of the COLLADA implementations for the following product: Autodesk Softimage, Autodesk Softimage Mod Tool and Autodesk Face Robot. He is also a member of the COLLADA workgroup within Khronos.


·        Steffen Lips and Sebastian Kieble (, COLLADA Experts : Steffen and Sebastian are the creators of the Maya and 3DSMax next generation COLLADA support, called OpenCOLLADA, now available on SourceForge. In the Khronos COLLADA WG, they champion the development of the AutomotionML/Brep specification COLLADA 1.5, along with Daimler.


·       Nicolas Perret (Omegame Menus Master): COLLADA Expert, COLLADA UI Champion: Nicolas is Technical Director of the Omegame company, author of Menus Master software. Nicolas is very active in the work of defining the COLLADA standard and its derivatives, in particular the COLLADA UI standard, dedicated to the standardization of user interface (UI). Nicolas brings his experience in the field of game creation and the implications for the definition of the format. Nicolas is the main organizer of the COLLADA PlugFest Paris that allows French companies to have access to the same resources that developers across the Atlantic have.


·       Rita Turkowski (Intel): Rita Turkowski works as a graphics software marketing manager in the Visual Computing Software Division (VCSD) within Intel’s Software and Services Group. Her career started in telecommunications multimedia working on image and video compression, quickly moving to Apple to work on QuickTime projects. After several more years wading through various media and graphics projects at companies large and small, Rita came to Intel in late 2007 as the graphics and game engine marketing manager for the GET team, and today also acts as the Khronos Group’s Marketing chair.




COLLADA PlugFest Paris Logistics

May, 11th, 2009



Arrival/Departure Paris:


Taxi is the most convenient way for a journey into central Paris.

Only use official taxi, with this on top of the car:



(Note: French taxi are regular cars, they don’t have specific colors, only this light on top)

Expect an average fare of €45, and 45 minutes in normal traffic conditions.


Moving in Paris:


Once in Paris, the best way to move around for long distance is the Metro. Metro is safe in Paris. Ticket can be bought in any metro station. 10 tickets cost about €10. You can go from any metro station to any other metro station anywhere in Paris with one ticket.


Metro map:

(you can have a free map in any Metro station, ask at the ticket office)


You can also of course use taxi, but you might be stuck in traffic.


Last but not least: you can walk in Paris, it’s nice ;)




Cap Digital (


74, rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine

75012 Paris,



Metro: Ledru Rollin or Bastille


Google Map:




Some chain hotels (classic service, not “Parisians style” hotels):


Hotel Ibis Paris Bastille Faubourg Saint Antoine

From 84.00 EUR

Hôtel Ibis Paris Bastille Opera

From 75.00 EUR




Hôtel Novotel Paris Gare de Lyon

From 139.00 EUR


Otherwise, you can find a lot of hotels here:





Petit Bofinger

6, Rue de la Bastille, 75004 Paris


 “Right next to the Place de la Bastille, this restaurant is worth a visit simply for the magnificent decor. Traditional French bistro with traditional French dishes. A very touristy address, but a great atmosphere and good food, if a bit pricey, but this is La Bastille, so the price is to be expected”



Bars + Restaurants:



Le Pause Café

41, Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris


Barrio Latino

46, Rue Fbg St Antoine, 75012 Paris


Le Bistrot du Peintre

116, Avenue Ledru Rollin, 75011 Paris


Le Sans Sanz

49, Rue Fbg St Antoine, 75011 Paris


Le café de la Plage

59, Rue Charonne, 75011 Paris




Important Notes:



France voltage and frequency : 230V 50 Hz