Susan Beadle

Susan Beadle

Advanced EFT Practitioner

Reiki Master, Practitioner/Teacher

Traditional Naturopath

Holistic Educator


Susan’s vision is to disseminate life-changing techniques and information to promote personal and spiritual growth.  She offers empowering information to each individual who is seeking to move life forward.


As a Traditional Naturopath, advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Reiki Master Healer/Teacher and holistic educator, Susan has learned through her visionary teachers and her own intuition that there are unseen forces at work inside all of us.  These unseen forces keep us stuck in a pattern of disease, and she shows us how to find and change these forces of energy to promote health and well-being.


She draws on her knowledge and experience to work with people who are interested in attaining optimal wellness.  She offers private consultations in Utica and Little Falls for energy healing using Emotional Freedom Techniques TM (EFT TM), Reiki and shamanic techniques, conducts wellness workshops at various locations in the Mohawk Valley and lectures to groups upon request.


Please take a moment to visit Susan’s web site at to learn more about her. To make an appointment either email or call 315-868-6489.