Call for Papers - Collaboration Meets Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (CMIS)

We invite researchers and designers who have been involved in one or more design-oriented project(s) involving the study of collaborative activities around all sorts of interactive surfaces and devices. Those wishing to attend will be required to submit a work-in-progress or position paper. Wherever appropriate, submitting a short companion video describing the work is strongly encouraged. Please provide a Youtube or Vimeo URL at the author's convenience. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:
  • Design and evaluation of collaborative environments with interactive surfaces and devices, either remotely or co-located;
  • Collaborative applications on interactive surfaces for different domains (e.g. meeting rooms, 3D visualization, mechanical engineering, medical visualizations, emergency response scenarios, criminal intelligence);
  • Communication, cooperation and coordination as well as social protocols;
  • Interactive surfaces and devices to enhance spatial perception of content and/or support navigation during collaboration activities;
  • Issues when moving from desktop-based collaboration to large-scale walls, tabletops, touch-based mobile devices, and wearable computing devices;
  • Integration of different devices and surfaces (Walls, Tables, Mobiles, Wearables) for collaboration;
  • Physical navigation and interaction between different devices;
  • Collaboration paradigms and user interface designs that address enhancement of collaborative activities using interactive surfaces, walls, tabletops, mobiles, and wearables;
  • Collaborative sense making and visual analytics with different interactive surfaces and devices;
  • Theories and applications of social science for interactive surfaces and devices.
Submission Instructions

We solicit the submission of work in progress and position papers (max 6 pages length). Late breaking results, novel ideas, as well as on-going doctoral research or research projects are especially encouraged. The workshop will foster creative discussions that will benefit on-going research that participants may be engaged with.

Papers must written in English in PDF and submitted as a single PDF file in the ACM SIGCHI format (Extended Abstracts Template - 2016) through the EasyChair submission system. Submitting a short companion video describing the work is an option. Please provide a Vimeo, Youtube or Dropbox URL at the author's convenience.

Important Dates:
  • Submission of Workshop Papers: 30 September
  • Notification of Acceptance: 5 October 2016
  • Workshop: 6 November 2016
Registration for "Collaboration Meets Interactive Surfaces (CMIS)" workshop can be made online via the ISS 2016 registration website.