Chaitra Bahuman

Project Experience (2003-2013)

aAQUA Crop Doctor Library
The project explored the development of a system for the KVKs to provide self-diagnosis while waiting for an aAQUA answer. The aAQUA portal offers an online digital library called the Crop Doctor, which displays images related to crop diseases. The farmer can choose the appropriate photograph and look for control measures.

aAQUA Crop recommendations Library
The project explored the development of a library for Agri-universities and KVKs.  It currently houses seasonal crop recommendations provided by experts from KVK Baramati filtered from several agri-universities.

aAQUA Translated Questions and Answers
The project involved manual and semi-automated translation of aAQUA threads into Hindi and English.  The portal also provides English and Hindi translations of aAQUA Questions and Answers supported by Centre for Indian Language Technologies, IIT Bombay.

aAQUA Bhav Puchiye
The project involved converting a government database into a portal easily usable by novice users of the Internet utilizing the "Inverted Pyramid Approach" common in Journalism.  This is a price information service that makes updated prices of every agricultural commodity in different markets in Maharashtra available to the farmer. The information is collected from Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees (APMCs) (source: AGMARKNET).  This is available in Iconic (graphical) as well Light (text) versions

aAQUA Keyword Browser 
The project addressed an alternative to text box search by presenting aAQUA topics.  It was observed that our farmer users seldom searched for previous answers before asking new questions.  The user can search by clicking on keywords rather than typing text in a search box. The keywords are stored in a language independent fashion allowing multi-lingual users to search content across languages.

Agro Explorer
This is a multilingual meaning based search engine that allows the user to search for content in his/her own language and view the document in that language irrespective of the language of the original document.

aAQUA Expert's Internet Search Assistant
 The portal also has a tool to help the expert search for information through Google. The first 10 search results are provided to the expert as one single file, thereby reducing the expert's waiting time, an important aspect considering the speed at which experts access the Internet.

The project explores the development of a PC platform for Offline aAQUA installation in KVKs.   In addition to Offline aAQUA (provided by Agrocom Pvt Ltd), Help and other useful applications were bundled from the Google Pack.

aAQUA Voice
The project explores automated delivery of audio files over a telephone system to rural users.  A vendor software allowing the automate text-to-speech for weather content was also integrated.  The system is being currently deployed by Agrocom to 50,000 farmers.

The project explores automated delivery of Mobile SMS content  over the mobile network to rural users, based on an administered schedule.  Software to convert data-to-SMS for weather content was also tested and integrated.

aAQUA Mobile Research - Artifacts:

Mobile Gadgets
The project explored the creation of very small, modular and limited applications for the mobile phone.  This work was completed by 10 teams of engineering students who developed the XML code.  These have been tested over the iPhone using a special iPhone emulator gadget as well as on 3G iPhones.

Agro Search

The project extended aAQUA and aAQUA keyword search over Internet Documents to the mobile phone

The project extended aAQUA Keyword Browser to the screen, latency and memory constraints of a mobile phone

Feed Reader

  • J2ME Feed reader:  Download J2ME feed reader application for your mobile phone
           The project provided a multi-lingual RSS feed reader on the mobile phone.

Spatial Image Browser

The project created software that enabled the easy uploading of images from a mobile phone to a web gallery, allowing quick viewing and comparison on maps. View gallery

Download application for your phone

Mobile version of aAqua 
(developed in association with Jitender Singh, Arun Chandran and Malati Baru)

The project extended aAQUA home page and key links to the mobile phone based on HCI study and rapid-prototyping design.


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White Papers

  1. aAQUA Mobile Applications
    Chaitra Bahuman, Manjiri Joshi, Vibhawari Kapale and Rohit Kokil
    February 2008
  2. Improving Usability of Price Information System: Bhav Puchiye
    Anil and Chaitra Bahuman
    June 2004
  3. Open Source Digital Libraries
    Chaitra Bahuman
    December, 2004.
  4. Buidling Digital Libraries (Including Case Study in Agri Content)
    Chaitra Bahuman
    April, 2005.