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Dyhernfurth Raid

Based on a scenario by Faron Bell for Battlefront - Scenario Link
Using Blitzkrieg Commander 2 rules by Specialist Military Publishing

Starting layout looking west .Table Size 2m x 1.4m.

5th Feb 1945.

A drunken Russian garrison (CV7, conscripts) defend Dyhernfurth Castle where the river comes close to the road.

German scientists and technicians are working in the factory (north of the rail bridge over the river) to destroy evidence of chemical weapons being developed there. German infantry defend the factory and the escape route to the rail bridge, and also Dyhernfurth village just beyond the castle.

Forces lined at the edges have not been deployed yet and are due to come on later.

A Flak battery is hidden on a hill south of the river.
The initial Russian attack comes from the road on the northern edge. SMG troops and T-34s (includes SU-85s) head for the factory.
The Panthers come on from the west down the road through Dyhernfurth and stir up the Russians in the castle. A fire fight breaks out between the opposing infantry and the Panthers should help make this a quick skirmish.
In the east, IS-2s and SMG troops emerge from the village of Kranz. The Flak battery is perfectly positioned to hit them in the flank, but the initial shots are not decisive. The IS-2s turn to meet the threat head on.
The IS-2s quickly deal with the Flak battery threatening their flank.
The T-34s at the factory set off to meet the Panthers. They head west down a road to the Panthers' flank while the infantry in the castle block the Panthers' advance.

The Panthers have to deploy at Dyhernfurth, trying to use the village and castle to protect their flanks. The first T-34 coming down the road has been destroyed.

However one Panther has been caught by more T-34s which have arrived from behind a hill in the north west. It has been suppressed before it got into the village.

At the factory, an outpost building blocking the Russian advance has to be dealt with first.
The outpost building is taken at some cost to the Russian SMG troops.
Meanwhile the IS-2s start to head round the back of the factory past the bridge. Some German forces defending the bridge make the gap between the woods dangerous and hold up the advance.

At Dyhernfurth, three of the Panthers try to get into position to do battle with the T-34s coming off the road. If the Panthers can get into a better position they will have an advantage because of the constricted line-of-fire.

The battle rages between the German infantry in the village and the Russian garrison defending the castle.

Pressure mounts on the Panthers. One has been destroyed but at the cost of two T-34s.

The one Panther is still being suppressed by the T-34s on the hill, but at least one Panther is stalling three Russian tanks.

Thinking the factory is in safe hands, the IS-2s and supporting SMGs head for the bridge. The idea is to get across the bridge and approach the Panthers from the rear.
Russians close in on the factory. Only two units are allowed in the outpost building and the limited range of the SMGs make it difficult to put effective fire on the factory. They need support ....
.... but the IS-2s are still focused on the bridge. They finish off the defenders there.
The T-34s from the hill close up behind Dyhernfurth. They had failed every command roll to get them moving from their HQ and had been using Opportunity Fire to suppress the Panther, The CO had to move halfway across the table to move them.

Infantry with panzerchrecks move out of Dyhernfurth and attack the T-34s which are engaging the Panthers. SMG troops from the hill close in on them.

The Russians attacking the factory are losing. Where is that support?

At last the IS-2s close up behind the factory.

The German CO and a lost HQ are being overrun.

T-34s close in on the flank of the Panthers. The German infantry in the woods with their panzerschrecks are finished.

Infantry in the village and castle are slowly thinning out.

The Panthers fate is sealed ...
... and the job of clearing Dyhernfurth is completed.
The factory is still in German hands but their escape to the bridge is blocked.

At this point I realised I had miscalculated the German breakpoint and they failed the breakpoint test.

Perhaps I should have had the Flak battery dug-in. The scenario says after firing they should be considered in the open for visibility so I just gave them soft cover.