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Dom Butgenbach 1944

A Battlefront scenario by Steve Uden. Scenario link
Modified for use with Blitzkrieg Commander 2 by Specialist Military Publishing.
Ardennes, Dec 1944 The 12SS attempts to break through the U.S. 1st Infantry division.
Additional Scenario Rules for BKC2
I'm trying these additional rules:
a) Static Hits (Hits stay on)
b) Auto-Suppression (when hits taken from any IDF)
c) IDF hit soft targets in cover on 5+ (Saving throws still made as usual)

Layout looking East. All other piccies are taken looking South (towards the right of this picture).

Layout size 5ft x 4ft.

Dom Butgenbach is the small hamlet.

The narrow stream is fordable.The river is impassable. The river stops rather abruptly. I guess it breaks up into smaller feeder streams from the hills.

I have simplified the map slightly by changing hedgelined tracks to just hedgelines, and continuing a hedge between the two hills at the far end in place of a ridgeline. The affect is about the same.

U.S. deployment is limited to the bottom left quarter and up to a line just beyond the river.

German deployment is limited to the top right corner.

U.S. deployment around Dom Butgenbach.

As the river is impassable, the Americans have only deployed a few troops on the left, but a few are dug-in beyond the river. These will act as a screen against any threat from the small copse and also threaten the flank of an attack around the end of the river.

Two M10 Tank destroyers and two 57mm ATGs cover the end of the river and the hills.

More U.S. troops are dug-in protecting the southern flank. The deployment area given prevents the Americans from starting in the woods or on the hills.

One company of infantry have not dug-in and will head into the woods to threaten the flank of the attack expected from the hills.

The two Shermans will head for the hedgeline on the hill in the top left.

US OOB - A battalion of infantry in three companies with two 57mm ATGs, two Sherman 75s, two M10 Tank Destroyers, a FAO with three 105mm artillery units.

The original scenario called for two U.S. FAOs with three 105mm artillery units each, but I found this was too devastating.

The Germans have an open area to deploy in, but they are protected by a hedgeline running between two hills. (This is where the ridgeline was supposed to be.)

German OOB - A battalion of infantry in three companies, four Jagdpanthers and two Panthers, all supported by two 120mm mortars.

We're off.

The Germans advance around the end of the river towards the hills overlooking Dom Butgenbach

The American infantry company head for the woods and the Shermans head for the cover of the hedge on the hill.

The 4 Jagdpanthers mount the ridge and take some Opportunity Fire from the U.S. armour.

However the Jagdpanthers have thrown a double one, are not suppressed, and can now fire back.


The Jagdpanthers then throw another double one.

That's curtains for the Shermans and the Tank Destroyers, leaving the infantry's anti-tank guns and Bazookas to deal with the German armour.

The American anti-tank guns are finished off by the German 120mm mortars so the Jagdpanthers take it to the US infantry heading for the woods. This infantry had suffered two Command Blunders while trying to get into the wood.

Two German infantry companies line behind the crest of the hills and hedgeline out of sight of the US FAO waiting for some decent targets to aim for. The dug-in US infantry have not fired so have not been seen yet.

A couple of German infantry units are pushed forwards to provoke a response.

More German infantry move across the far side of the hills towards the woods.

You may be wondering what's happened to the two German Panthers. You can just see them atop the hill in the top right. They got there and didn't move for about 4 turns.

The German infantry heading for the wood go past the stationary Panthers, taking artillery fire as they go. The Jagdpanthers are involved in close a quarter firefight with US Bazooka teams giving the infantry a chance to get into the wood.

Hits are mounting on each side because of the "hits stay on" rule.

At last the Panthers move. As the Jagdpanthers have taken over their role of terrorising the US infantry in the woods, the Panthers get into a firing position on the crest of the hill. This presents the US FAO with a nice target considering the close proximity of the German infantry who thought they were safely out of sight. The deviation landed the artillery right on the infantry. At least the Panthers have proven useful to the Americans.
 The Jagdpanthers have taken the sting out of the US infantry in the woods and start to turn towards Dom Butgenbach leaving the German infantry to finish the job.
 Using dangerous off-camera advance and withdraw tactics to reveal hidden US  troops, the Jagdpanthers have decided they will have to win this battle ontheir own.
 The German infantry lined behind the hills decide to go through the woods instead of charging over the hill. They set off westwards.
 The US CO pushes his few troops which are across the river forwards to take advantage of the exposed flank. From this small copse they can also hit the two 120mm mortars which have been raining destruction on anything that raises its head.

Suddenly the Jagdpanthers see an opportunity and overun the US FAO who doesn't get away in time. The Americans have lost their artillery. (I had forgotten the rule that any American command unit can request artillery support using the CV of the FAO)

With the threat of US artillery gone the floodgates open and German infantry pour towards Dom Butgenbach, but  there is little cover from the dug-in US Troops.

In the woods US troops are getting the upper hand.

 The small group of US infantry in the small copse east of the river are causing disruption to the flank of the attack and on the 120mm mortars. American casualties are mounting though.

The Jagdpanthers still push on, having to get close to the US troops to draw their fire. There are still plenty of Bazookas left and they are mounting hits.

A US HQ gets pushed back leaving his troops without orders.

Finally the Panthers find a role to play and get into the woods to help out the infantry there. They get behind the US troops and help finish them off.

 Acting on their Initiative an American Bazooka team manage to finish off one of the Jagdpanthers.

Another Bazooka team (just visible top right) has got onto the flank of the others but has been suppressed by the supporting German infantry.

But it's all over for the Americans, although they pass their Command Roll check at two over breakpoint. All the Germans have to do now is pull back and destroy them at range. They have plenty of visible targets to hit.

An interesting game and I'm glad I tried the additional rules. They stop dug-in units and heavy armour being too difficult to beat.
The Jagdpanthers were very lucky initially to destroy all the US armour quickly. I don't think the Shermans and M10s would last long in any case, but they should have inflicted more hits on the German heavies first.
The German advance is limited to a fairly narrow gap beyond the river. If the Americans had been more bold with a whole company of infantry on the far side of the river ready to counter-attack, the German advance might have been severely disrupted.