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Oxford University Press (forthcoming)


"Mendelssohn, Kant and the Mereotopology of Immortality" (with Jonathan Simon)
Ergo (forthcoming)

Kantian Review (forthcoming)

European Journal of Philosophy 25:2 (2017)

Journal of the History of Philosophy 55: 2 (2017), 293–316

"Lockean empathy"
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"Does Kant demand explanations for all synthetic a priori claims?"
Journal of the History of Philosophy 52:3 (2014), 549-576

"Kant's appearances and things in themselves as qua-objects"
Philosophical Quarterly 63:252 (2013), 520-545.
-An additional supporting passage: "What real progress..." AA 20:291-92.

"Spinoza on destroying passions with reason"
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 85:1 (2012), 139-160.

"Kant's metaphysics of the self"
Philosophers' Imprint 10:8 (2010), 1-21

"The mind and body as 'one and the same thing' in Spinoza"
British Journal for the History of Philosophy 17:5 (2009), 897-919
-An additional supporting passage: Descartes' Sixth Replies, CSM 2:285-6, AT 7:423-4.

Book Chapters

Palgrave Schopenhauer Handbook, Sandra Shapshay (ed.). Palgrave (commissioned)

"Kant's derivation of the moral 'ought' from a metaphysical 'is'"
Sensible and Intelligible Worlds, Nicholas Stang and Karl Schafer (eds.). Oxford University Press (forthcoming, pending final review).

The Cambridge Critical Guide to Spinoza's EthicsYitzhak Melamed (ed.) Cambridge University Press (forthcoming)

"Reason in the Short Treatise"
The Young Spinoza, Yitzhak Melamed (ed.). Oxford University Press (2015), 133-143.

Book Reviews

Virtual Critique, August 2016

International Yearbook of German Idealism: Bewusstsein/Consciousness, Sally Sedgwick & Dina Emundts (eds.). De Gruyter (2016), 281-85
Virtual Critique 2015.06.24, with a reply by Dyck

With Spencer Paulson. Kantian Review 20:3 (2015), 512-16.

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (2015)

Karl Ameriks, Kant's Elliptical Path
Philosophy in Review 34:1-2 (2014), 1-3

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Arthur Melnick, Kant's Theory of the Self
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Michael N. Forster, Kant and Skepticism
Journal of the History of Philosophy 47:2 (2009), 319-320

All papers here are pre-publication versions, with the exception of "Kant's Metaphysics of the Self."