All of the below are working titles. Drafts are available for most of the papers - please contact me if you're interested in seeing one.

Book projects

Grounding Morality in Truth and Compassion
An extended argument that empathy possesses a certain representational virtue which allows for a robust, non-circular defense of morality. The argument draws on the views of Plato, Locke, and Schopenhauer (among others).
  • Part of the argument is summarized, in simplified form, here

The Methodological, Metaphysical, and Epistemological Assumptions of Kant's Theoretical Philosophy
An investigation of the underlying method in Kant's mature theoretical philosophy, focusing on what Kant takes his subject to be, what his basic premises are, and why he thinks those premises are appropriate. 

Kant papers

Kant on the feeling of impenetrability

The identity of the self in Kant's Third Paralogism

Kant's aim in the Refutation of Idealism

Intuition and the neglected alternative

The role of Kant's proofs in the Antinomies of Pure Reason

Spinoza papers

The mind as the idea of the body in the Short Treatise

Spinoza's progressive Judaism

Other papers

What Locke could (and perhaps should) have said about pain

Schopenhauer's moral realism

Empathy's perceptual value

Truth and generality in the (history of) (practical) reason