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6. Green pods

                                           Green pod vegetable varieties

Fine French BEANS with dark green pods (see above dual purpose).

 (Zillis X XPR35). Plusgus Romano beans are of simply superb eating quality and productivity. Their wide but not excessively long stringless and parchmentless pods carried well clear of the ground avoiding staining and soil borne rots and are available from the same sowing date as much as ten days sooner than rival American varieties. Only about 49 days are required to green pod cropping. The variety was the subject of an agreement for its development with Royal Sluis that was unilaterally breached when that company was taken over. It had half passed a registration programme in Europe (managed through RS) before being withdrawn and had been very highly appreciated in Farm experimental production (under RS) in the USA. The variety has continued in evaluation trials in several locations with Breeders' Seed provided by myself. It has received warm appreciation both in consumer tests by myself and by a Packhouse which has shown it to its potential customers.