Heath Parasol G-AFZE

After many years I finally obtained , with the help of John Berkeley, the 1930 Heath Parasol G-AFZE. it had been left out in the open in a Surrey residential garden for 20 years after the death of her owner Des St Cyrian and was in a very poor condition.
This is the sole surviving UK built Heath Parasol , its past records of flying have been lost, I would love to have any information particularly when it was based at Old Warden during the 1980s.
                                                                                                       The fusalage was completely stripped down, repaired , shot blasted and repainted, now rebuilt with new woodwork, upholstery and aluminium turtle deck. Fitted with spoked wheels.
The wings had to be re-made as they were in a very bad condition , most of the metalwork has been saved and original timber was incorporated within the rebuild were possible.
I would like to thank Stuart McConnagher for furnishing me with the original drawings and invaluable information.