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Alliance for the Child

is a competence-based lasting initiative for building a medical research and social action program on a solid foundation of interdisciplinary knowledge. This distinguishes us from an overflow of opinion-based populism in media and conventional politicized organisations. We provide solid metadiagnostic competence to detect systemic dysfunctionality in organizations, and advise on the effective care and cure. Follow the path of truth from victims to victory.



Medical insignia at Asklepion temple, Pergamon (4th c. BC to 2nd c. AD), first retreat modeling an asylum for psychiatric treatment in Western culture


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For forthcoming updates please consult the wikipedia article on "Föräldraalienation", in Swedish (Jan 1, 2012).

Important reviews of the book "Parental Alienation, DSM-V and ICD-11", ed. by Prof. William Bernet, are establishing the status as reference work of this volume in every serious collection of a university library (Laura M. Prager, MD:  Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, vol 50 No 10 Oct 2011 p. 1078f; Susan M Gray, MD, & Stephen M Billick, MD, in: J. of Forensic Sciences, Vol 56, No 4, July 2011, p 1079-80). 

St. Moritz, Switzerland, Sept 2011: International Conference with The Parental Alienation Study Group (PASG) in communication with the ICD-11 committee of WHO, under the leadership of Prof. Bill Bernet.

Paris, April 2011: Invited by former French Minister of Foreign Affairs M. Bernard Kouchner, founder of Medecins sans Frontiers (Doctors withou Borders, Läkare utan Gränser), at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris. Dialogue on common measures for a European policy of psychosocial protection from alienatory and emotional forms of child abuse and the human rights of the child.

Zurich, April 2011: Discussions with leading professors at the medical faculties on efforts to combat psychosocial abuse of the child in connection with new patterns of family life and family structure formation.

Stockholm April-May 2011: Publication by Strömstad Akademi of article on Parental Alienation discussing critically the situation in Sweden and the need for urgent action among politicians to raise awareness and design new policy efforts to protect the human rights of the child: "Föräldraalienation och psykosocial barnmisshandel" by Nils-Göran Areskoug, in: Inre och Yttre Verklighet, Strömstad akademi antologi 2011, pages 36-49. Links to fulltext (pdf) and references.

Contacting ECHR on the human rights of the child and awareness of psychosocial maltreatment in Western societies.

Contacting the Head of Legal Issues at UN Headquarters in New York in a similar issue.

Proposing the establishment of an international court for the protection of the human rights of the child to a number of international organizations, key global leaders in academia, business, and politics, the names of which are not yet to be disclosed here.

The strategic design of extraordinary measures for the protection of human and social rights and its foundation in public international law. The ethical actions necessary to implement human rights of the child. A renewal of the Nuremberg court procedures against perpetrators of psychosocial maltreatment of the child and its public facilitators. A discussion draft proposal circulated to leading global governments and international organizations such as international courts and NGOs for human rights.

A new blacklist of public agency officials in administration and a ranking list of countries violating the human rights of the child and perpetrating or promoting maltreatment of the child and of the family. Documentary material for the prosecution in the new International Court of Human Rights of the Child.


(1) BRAZIL INTRODUCES LAW AGAINST PAS, proposed and prepared by parlamentarian Regis de Oliveira: permalink to the Governmental info site . There is no authorized translation of the legislation at this moment. However, the following translation in English of the Law  against Parental Alienation should be enough to give you a general idea about the contents of the Act in question, despite imperfections and several glaring errors of the translation: Consult the website of Father Knowledge Center Europe. Fathers' Rights, UK, provides a translation of the Brazilian Law 12.318/10 ratified on August 26 with immediate effect. It defines Parental Alienation as abuse and criminalizes it with sanctions. A civilized country will also need a law protecting those who defend human rights.

(2) The 2nd International Congress of the European Association for Forensic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Forensic Psychology and other involved Professions (EFCAP), convening (Sept. 8-9, 2010) at Universität Basel, Switzerland, dedicated a session on Parental Alienation Disorder (PAD) chaired by B. van Dieren (BE) and W. Bernet (US), including Ursula Kodjoe (Freiburg, GE), Olga Odinetz (FR) and others among abstracts of its program. The French organization ACALPA is reporting.


(3) Reporting from a Conference on Justice in Sweden: A foundation for justice in Sweden, Stiftelsen Rättsstatens Vänner, gives a conference on "Resningsinstrumentet" (the system of appeals) in Stockholm, on Nov. 25, 2010, and provides in its organized dialogues a number of ideas towards a program to improve safety in procedures of the legal system in Sweden. In her introduction Therese Juel addressed the moral imperative to compesate for those who are innocent victims of the false procedures of the system of justice. Monica Pernroth-Lüllmaa, representing Rättssäkerhetsorganisationen, commented on the public debate on justice in the legal system. Peter Nobel presented a panel including Johan Munck and Sven-Erik Alhem. Johan Munch advocates a new and separate organisation for last appeals in Sweden, mentioning Norway and Denmark as models, or a separate institute for investigations affiliated to Högsta Domstolen (HD; Highest Court). Mr Alhem advocates humbleness and expressed his doubt that it is possible to distinguish with a clear line between innocence and guilt, victim or persecutor. Alliance for the Child expresses a surprise that the legal system does not or is not able to anchor its methods in an epistemology with a clear definition of what evidence is. The empirically designed legal system in Sweden is built on an administrative authoritative tradition, far below of the modern level of scientifically based requirements in modern society. The legal system bypasses the need for an epistemological ground and a relation to critical methodology, and fails to align to the norm in other disciplines of society. Stig Centerwall, a seasoned attorney, asks if we need a new system or a change of the present system: journalists and authors like Jan Guillou (present among audience), have been instrumental to demonstrating with conviction that our system of justice is in severe state of crisis. There is a conflict between two principles, the principle of objectivity and the principle of firmness ("orubblighetsprincipen" the principle of infallibility still prevailing in an obsolete legal system  like the one in Sweden); these are incompatible. The establishment of the justice is worried, and rightly so, to face truth. Mr. Centerwall says only media and journalists may, in Sweden, have the resources sufficient to reveal truth. The state power stands alone with all resources while family and criminal lawyers works without or with only scant compensation. The competence pool of qualified professionals in law is thus exhausted. In Norway, following Erling O Lyngtveit,  at request of appeal, Gjenopptakelseskommisjonen for "rettsbevissthet" (The Norweigan Criminal Cases Review Commission"), were established and effective since 2004, after some optimal justice scandals of criminal cases in that country. This commission has itself a responsibility to investigate a case and can also "on its own" initiate an investigation. The confidence of this new instrument is established and is working efficiently, although its members are also target of critical opinions voiced in societal and media debate. Billy Butt talked about how it feels to be innocently accused. Parlamentarian Caroline Szyber (kd) represents the politicians. The problem in Swedish society seems to be a gap between the people and societal reality versus decisional powers. We will follow up on this sujet, on the Arescope and other sites of public dialogue. 


(4) CIVITAS - The UK Institute for the Study of Civil Society - presents its "Experiment in Living: the Fatherless Society" (2002): Read the RESULTS


(5) Educational: a new academic anthology centering on key diagnostic issues of parental alienation, edited by Professor Williamt Bernet, Vanderbilt University, USA, provides an update to current research on the subject and a comprehensive international bibliography in an expanding clinical field of interdisciplinary social, medical and legal science: W. Bernet, ed. (2010): Parental Alienation, DSM-5, and ICD-11, Charles C Thomas Publ, Springfield Illinois, USA (264 pages; publisher's info)


(6) Alliance for the Child launches a call to European governments to investigate the adequacy of working methods, functionality and efficiency of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), Strasbourg, in view of enligthening European peoples on the outcome and degree of the protection it provides through its effort to apply the conventions of human rights and assess the compatibility of its decisions with the EU Charter of Human Rights; as well as its validity and capability to shaping justice in the social situation of children and adolescents who are facing the social situation of disintegrated parenting of their families.

(7) Dads On the Air is an Australian site, including radio programmes, and informative resources on boys, men, fathering, parenting, and PAS. Professor William Bernet is on air with a team in at least two full time sessions: (14 Dec 2010 She-Wolves and Parental Alienation, 19 Oct 2010 The Recognition of Parental Alienation).  Link to the site Liberty and Humanity has a presentation on Elizabeth Willmott Harrop's article on female abusers, "She-Wolves in Sheeps' Clothing".

(8) Is the concept femifascism a legitimate political term to catch the behavior of women alienators which destroys democracy in society and where feminism functions as an underpinning policy for the violation of the child's human rights? On Google search for "Femi-Faszismus in Deutschland" and "Ausgrenzung von Vätern aus dem Leben ihrer Kinder", you find two excellent and instructive Google Videos, in "Hauptsache Mensch" and by Nord-Deutsche Rundfunk (NDR) with actor Mattieu Carrière and other fathers deprived of their children: start here.

(9) The forensic psychology gives some guidelines for the estimation of baseline statistics of reliability of accusations by females on issues of sex offences; for example, approximately 50% of rape allegations, are considered false, in scientific investigations. See a link to an article by Frank S. Zepezaue: "Believe Her! The Woman Never Lies Myth", in: IPT-Forensics Journal, Vol 6, 1994, with further references.

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 EU provides a legal framwork for a strategic policy on the rights of the child and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is coordinating an agenda for the broad interest of the child as organized by Eurochild. This site intends to implement a global action to prevent institutionalized sanction of psychosocial child abuse (PAD/PAS) to protect innocent Target Parents (TP), their children and young victims against PARENTAL ALIENATION

Towards a program to help disclosing the hidden roots of social system failure permissive of alienating parents (AP) in pursuit of their abuse in misalliance with powered society - towards a program for countering of recurring forms of sociopathological execution of state sanctioned power and victimization of paternal parenting in modern Western society. Is there a publicly sanctioned form of psychosocial abuse against children and alienated parents in Sweden, due to severe competence deficiency, failure of balancing power with responsibility, and social system dysfunction of the welfare state?

We have chosen to let the resistance against the PAS (or "PAD" for DSM-V) type of abuse be symbolized by the energetic icon from Codex Gigas, an early 13th century Bohemian Benedictine manuscript, in Royal Library Stockholm. A global mobilisation is much needed to encourage an effective social action against any form of recent severely gender biased (including 'femifascist') exploitation of children and a variety of other forms of publicly sanctioned social exclusion (terror and persecution in the family) of those parents who suffer because they defend the human rights to health of the child and its core family values in European society...The sociopathology of systemic injustice is, as a background, reason to mobilize an alliance of global competence to combat emerging sociofascism: To familiarize yourself with these awkward phenomena of modern Western society, understand how such unworthy dysfunction of human rights became both politically possible in modern society, and a corollary of the deteriorating democracy in the 'perfect bureaucracy' of a country like Sweden, please explore the links relating to (and including 'Anatomy of a Witch Process') by Uppsala university civil rights professor Anders Agell (1930-2008), provided by his recently established foundation (Rättsstatens Vänner: * * * * *).


Eurochild (*) is allied with EU: We develop the Alliance for the Child website to help protect children globally from violations of their human rights in partly convergence of mission to International Forensic Program of PHYSICIANS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS (PHR). PHR runs the program "Reuniting Families Separated by War" and defines the rationale for their work as follows: "PHR advocates health, dignity, and justice for all and that victims of violations of human rights and/or humanitarian law have a right to justice, the right to know the truth, and to have history recorded accurately in order to establish a historic record grounded in science and resistant to revisionism.  We believe this is a crucial step towards preventing leaders from acting with impunity and violating international humanitarian law."

ALLIANCE FOR THE CHILD is devoted to sharing this goal in its mission to mobilize protection of family victims from the harmful effects of  psychosocial torture - a variety of clustered types of terror - in parental alienation pertaining to the specific forms of abuse against children commonly defined as "PAS". Very few among organizations for HR care to notice the underlying discrimination of fathers as parents. European Union (EU) adopted The Charter of Fundamental Rights (*). Among civic NPOs for human rights, Open Society Institute (OSI) and Scholar Rescue Fund, funded by George Soros, are crucial for freedom of thought, the latter offering shelter for talents persecuted in repressive societies: "...the persecution of academics may serve as an indication that the political situation of a country is about to worsen." (SRF and IIE)

(written at Anna Lindh Library, Royal Institute of Technology main campus, Red Cross Hospital and Sophiahemmet University Colleges libraries, Stockholm September 11, 2007)



We urge public health and policy organizations (global and regional) responsible for observation, research and social action, such as the World Medical Association (WMA links to organizations for health and human rights), WHO Europe office in Copenhagen, and the European Parliament, as well as private donors to jointly support this organizational initiative and provide funding for the suggested program to setting up the foundation ALLIANCE FOR THE CHILD for the cause of eradicating the phenomenon of PAS proven so harmful to psychosocial health of children and young people and their families. One question we should ask ourselves is - DO WE NEED TO REFORM THE ORDER OF JUSTICE IN SOCIETY FOR SOCIETY TO FUNCTION SAFELY?RECONSTRUCT OUR ENTIRE LEGAL SYSTEM ON A NEW AND SOLID VALUE GROUND FOR OUR CHILDREN TO BE SAVED FROM LIFELONG SUFFERING DUE TO THE IGNORANCE OF THE PRESENT LEGAL SYSTEM AND TO THE INCOMPETENCE IN HANDLING THESE CASES?

Any State that systematically fails to comply to the Rome Statute article 15 and to international conventions of human rights including the rights of the child in that it does neither provide nor enforce sufficient protection against prolonged damage caused by a variety of forms of severe PAS will be reported to the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court (ICC), The Hague, to its experts and member states. Or, such cases of neglect can be reported to UNHCHR, the UN Rapporteur of rights to health, or if applicable, to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), Strasbourg (cases of relevance) . (NGOs at CRIN and ISPCAN) It is essential  for any state among Western democracies that authorities allow human rights activists and civil society organizations to operate free of both oppression and state sanctioned family terror. This aims to mobilize the necessary legal efforts to organize a team (a modern style 'crusade' against ignorance) empowered to stop alienatory traumatization of parenting and related victimization of the child in civilized democracies. Sadly we have observed cases of a deteriorating ethics among self-asserted 'professionals' (including well-funded 'professors' at some BUP clinics specialized in converting alleged 'sexual abuse' to profitable media-attention but unaware of the basics of differential diagnostics) who are successfully pursuing their political or academic career agendas while disregarding the suffering among victims and targets of severe alienation. These are abuse facilitators. 

The raising of Lazarus - a key icon of the medical profession (Acolyte Room, St Paul's Greek Orthodox Church, Irvine, CA; from Orthodoxonline)



A Nordic Program for Competence Mobilisation to Combat Psychosocial Child Abuse

Proposing a

Transdisciplinary Competence Center for Integrative Social Medicine and Clinical Research for the Treatment and Care of Victims of PAS/PAD

The case of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS/PAD/PA) as an Interdisciplinary Challenge to the Social Quality and Safety of Life for Children and Young in Fragmented Families

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