Revamping The Research Process Using Google Apps

Google Summit Workshop outline 

Introductions & Opening activity 
  • Mission Impossible theme: Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to find creative ways to use Google tools in the Research Process. Be creative and think outside the box. Good luck!
  • Hand out mission envelope to each small group
  • During the presentation, brainstorm various ways you could use Google Tools during each aspect of the research process.
    • Define
    • Plan
    • Find
    • Create
    • Present
    • Reflect
  • Access a copy of the ideas from the presentation on a Google Document
  • Access a PDF of the Slide Presentation -- OK to make a copy for your own personal use.
Demonstrations during the session:

Closing activity - 10 min 
  • Questions and extensions 
  • Triangle - (Write down 3 important ideas from Presentation) - Square (write down anything that “squares” with your thinking or anything you agree with) - Circle (write down anything that is still “circling” in your head or questions that you have)


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