Why use Google Slides vs. PowerPoint or Keynote?

    1. Work on slide deck from home or school.  
    2. Multiple students can collaborate & create different slides at the same time.
    3. Less styling & animations means more time focused on content.  Add image by URL or use built in Google search.
    4. Download slides into PowerPoint or Keynote if need more features at the end

    Excellent slide deck from Christina Garcia with everything you will want to know about creating Google Slides!

    Samples of Google Presentations:

    • File types you can upload: .ppt, .pps .pptx
    • Size limits: Files in .ppt and .pps formats can have a maximum size of 10MB; files uploaded from the Web can be up to 2MB; emailed files can be up to 500K. 
    • For best results, use images with an aspect ratio of 4:3 and 800x600 resolution.
    • You can explicitly share your presentation with up to 200 combined viewers and collaborators; however, if you publish your presentation, anyone will be able to access it.
    • Up to 10 people may simultaneously edit and/or view a presentation.
    • If you use Google Apps, an administrator can prevent published docs from being shared outside of your domain.
    • To add videos to your presentation, just click Insert > Video above the toolbar and search for a video. Select the checkbox next to the thumbnail of the video you want to add, and click Insert Video.