Google Apps on the iPad

Get Mobile and Go Google!

How does Google Apps for Education compare on the iPad vs. the regular desktop version on Chrome? Come see the differences between the IOS mobile and desktop versions of Docs, Slides and Spreadsheets. Google continues to update the IOS apps all the time (tables in Docs, line spacing and commenting to name a few!). iPad teachers are using Drive as a great workflow process tool for transferring files and photos. Take advantage of the iPad audio feature for leaving comments or the ability to record directly into Drive.

Google Apps

Workflow:  Students create folders in Google Drive for each academic class.  When a teacher provides a digital handout (PDF, Word document, Google Doc, etc) from their LMS or shared through Google Docs, students should save it into the correct class folder.  Note:  Google Docs works best in the Chrome browser.

Google Docs On the Computer

Google Docs On the iPad

Students go to: and log on with their La Salle email address & username to access from any computer using any browser. Example:

Google Docs has more robust editing features than iPad version - very similar to Microsoft Word for writing. Students may want to download their doc into Word for advanced features. Saves automatically!

Easy to SHARE documents with students.  Options:  view, edit or comment.  

Editors can highlight text and leave comments and/or view the comment stream for the page (even if comment is resolved).

Students can edit and view tables in the online version of Google Docs.  

Direct students to organize their files by moving files into course folders.

Go to Tools / Research to bring up Research pane within a document for web searching, image searches, citations, definitions, etc.

Check out the new Add-on in Google Docs.  There are some great features like:  EasyBib, Lucid Charts, Mail Merge, Thesaurus,

Students can print from Google Docs or download into Word & print.

Install Google Drive app, Docs app, Slides app & Sheets app.  These are separate apps but they all work together & can be searched within the Drive app.  Please update to the latest version of these apps.

Docs has very functional but limited editing features but it will be the main word processing program your students use on the iPad.  It saves the docs automatically!

Easy to SHARE documents with students.  Options:  view, edit or comment.

Editor can highlight text and leave comments.  The text is (temporarily) highlighted to indicate a comment.

Students can view tables in a Google Doc but cannot edit a table.

Direct students to select “keep on device” to pin documents for offline editing.  (Click on 3-dot icon for sharing.  To access:  Go to Menu / Pin On Device).

No additional Tools or Add-on are available on the iPad version of Docs.

Students will NOT be able to print from the iPads.

Google Forms & Spreadsheets on Computer

Google Forms & Spreadsheets on iPad

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Google Slides on the Computer

Google Slides on the iPad

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