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Google Alerts are emails automatically sent to you when there are new Google results for your search terms. You can also choose to have your alerts delivered via feed to the feedreader of your choice (e.g., Google Reader or add the feed to your iGoogle page). We currently offer alerts with results from News, Web, Blogs, Video and Groups.

  1. What are Google Alerts?
  2. What are the different types of alerts I can sign up for?
  3. How do I sign up?
  4. How frequently will I receive alerts?
  5. What kinds of topics make for interesting Google Alerts?
  6. I'm not getting the alerts that I expected. How do I get more relevant results?
  7. I have lots of Google Alerts. How do I manage them all?
  8. Why am I not able to sign in on the Google Alerts homepage?
  9. How do I delete my alerts?
  10. I've set up lots of Google Alerts, but suddenly I'm getting a message that says I have too many unverified alerts.
  11. What is the maximum number of alerts I can create?
  12. Can I subscribe to alerts in multiple languages?
  13. I'd like to receive Google Alerts in plain text rather than HTML. Can I do that?
  14. Can I change my email address and still get Google Alerts?
  15. Is this just a way to get my email address so you can sell it to spammers?
  16. I'm receiving Google News or Web Clips alerts on my desktop, how can I make them stop?

Google Alerts Background Info


Do you have a special interest that you would like to follow but just can't always find the time to search for the latest information? Google Alerts can help. Google Alerts are e-mails that are automatically sent to your inbox whenever new information becomes available on your search terms. Depending on your search preferences, Google will monitorĀ 
News, Web, Blogs, Video and Groups (or all of them) for new information, and send it to you on the schedule you've set up.

For example, suppose you are interested in following a news story, advances for a specific medical condition, or have a particular professional interest, set up a Google Alert. When new information is available, an e-mail and snippet will be sent to your inbox.

Or, if you prefer, you can arrange to have your Alerts send to Google Reader. This alert was delivered to my Google Reader only 9 minutes ago, keeping me on top of breaking news.

To get started, you'll need to sign into your Google account. You can find Alerts here or under more > even more...

Enter as many alerts you like. Google allows you to have up to 1000 alerts in a number of different languages.

Once again, Google gives you the tools to stay totally informed!