Winning ways to use Google Apps in your Classroom or Library
CA Google Summit
July 2013

Got Books?  Promote reading and YA Literature using Google Apps
CA Google Summit
July 2013

Access the new Workshop Site Template at:  https://sites.google.com/site/tools4tchrs/

Integrating Google Tools 4 Teachers
We will use a Google Site template for this workshop.
Go to http://sites.google.com
Create new Site
Browse the Gallery for more templates
Search for CASSINELLI to locate the workshop Site
Come learn how you can use the FREE Google tools to encourage collaboration in your classroom. A Google Certified Teacher will share multiple examples of how MS/HS school teachers are integrating Google shared docs & spreadsheets, Google Maps and the new Google sites into their curriculum. Great for beginners!
This workshop is great for the teacher who in NEW to the Google tools and need step-by-step instructions of how to integrate the tools in their lessons.
My objective is to first explain how to use the features of the tools. The only requirement is a Google Account or schools can download the FREE Google Apps for Education program. 
  • Create Google account
  • Organize and tag "collections"for Google Docs and spreadsheets/forms
  • Learn how invite collaborators and share documents; using shared folders
  • Set up a Google site or use an existing Sites template
  • Embedding docs, forms, or presentations in a Google Site
  • Embed images and text on a Google Map
Next I will share specific examples of how teachers can use the tools for learning and collaboration. 
  • Students in Journalism class can write their reports or stories on a shared document and invite other students to collaborate or edit their work.  The teacher can review the revision history at any time to check progress or see who is working on the project. 
  • Science students can all add their experiment data into one shared spreadsheet for comparison. 
  • A teacher might create a Google site and encourage students to edit their own wiki page to share a presentation and now the entire class has access to everyone's projects. 
  • An English teacher can have students go on a "Google Lit Trip" and locate places from a story on a Google map and read summaries and look at images embedded on the map.
Teachers will then have the opportunity to plan and begin creating a project using Google docs & spreadsheets, Maps or Sites.
Teachers will come away from this presentation with a clear understanding of the features of the Google tools and many specific examples of how they can integrate them into their own curriculum.

Using free Google tools in the classroom