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Another toy maker producing high quality die-cast toys was German toy maker Schuco. They started producing toys in 1957. These were quality toys but in the 1960 commodity prices, especially Zinc which was the main "ingredient" for Piccolo's, started to rise by the end of the 1960's, Schuco had no choice but to discontinue the production. In 1969 the last Piccolo's left Nuremberg which the exception of the Coles crane which continued until the bankruptcy of Schuco in 1976.

Coles Truck Mounted Mobile Crane
Schuco Model No 775

Made by Schuco between 1964 and 1976 this is now a rare and complete model shows that Coles were internationality known. This model, which is more a model than a toy has 14 separate pieces, a four piece boom, supported and moved by 6 pieces of connecting rod, can lift one of three silver weights. Two hand cranks move and side outriggers, with screw jacks, extend and contract in lorry base.

Based very loosely on the Coles Endurance 25 ton crane built from 1964 with continental cab
It was however more a generic unit as opposed to a specific model.

It is hardly surprising that few have survived intact given the number of small parts and the delicate nature of the jib support cable links. This sits uneasily between a toy and scale collectors model

Scale unknown

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Schuco - 5 Ton Stacking Mobile Carry Crane.

This is a model of the M50 a hydraulic Mobile Carry Stacking crane made at the Duisburg factory in Germany. Designed in Sunderland around 1970 but built in Germany from about 1972, it was mainly for the European market.

This model of the M50 has a length of about 5.5 inches, it could be 1/32 scale. The chassis is made of metal, the crane itself of plastic (it seems like the plastic used by the well known French manufacturer Bourbon for its Poclain crane models). The steering wheel works on the rear axle. The box of this model seems like their from the Schuco car models from the 70's, as well as the reference, 377.799.

This is quite a sophisticated model for its size and is not referred to in any Schuco catalogues so it would seen that it a probably a promotional model made for Coles marketing.

The prototype works model of this unit can be seen in the Works Models section.

Single batch order around 1972/73. (quantity unknown.)
Scale 1:32

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