Thermo Forma Freezer

thermo forma freezer
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thermo forma freezer - Thermos Nissan
Thermos Nissan FBB1000 34-Ounce Stainless-Steel Vacuum Insulated Briefcase Bottle
Thermos Nissan FBB1000 34-Ounce Stainless-Steel Vacuum Insulated Briefcase Bottle
Nissan 34 -Ounce Stainless Steel Insulated Briefcase Bottle

Morning coffee still steams at the end of a long workday when stored in this briefcase bottle from Nissan. This larger version of the popular FBB500 bottle holds enough cocoa for a small family, and is easily stowed in a daypack or briefcase. While the thermos keeps hot beverages warm, it also excels in keeping cold drinks chilled.
Made from stainless steel, the thermos is both durable and easy to care for. Vacuum insulation keeps fluids secure within the thermos and hot for up to 12 hours. Cold beverages remain cool for up to 24 hours. The lid easily twists on and off, and features a leak-proof design. The briefcase bottle holds up to 34 ounces. Hand wash only. --Jessica Reuling

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Thermo-Temp Tumblers
Thermo-Temp Tumblers
Mallory Randall Corporation's "Thermo-Temp" Tumblers. "Hand crafted of durable Lustrex." I have a set of eight in my little bar already, but this one - unopened- in the original store display box - was too cool to not buy. Who can resist the lure of "Lustrex"? Not me. That's for sure.
ThermO...thermie's bro!
ThermO...thermie's bro!
in an effort to ease the loss of ThermiE and due to the fact that I had an identical orange thermos - ThermO is born!

thermo forma freezer