Narrow Freezer

narrow freezer
  • A refrigerated compartment, cabinet, or room for preserving food at very low temperatures
  • A device for making frozen desserts such as ice cream or sherbet
  • Pokemon has 493 (as of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl) distinctive fictional species classified as the titular Pokemon.
  • deep-freeze: electric refrigerator (trade name Deepfreeze) in which food is frozen and stored for long periods of time
  • A refrigerator is a cooling apparatus. The common household appliance (often called a "fridge" for short) comprises a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump—chemical or mechanical means—to transfer heat from it to the external environment (i.e.
  • make or become more narrow or restricted; "The selection was narrowed"; "The road narrowed"
  • a narrow strait connecting two bodies of water
  • A narrow channel connecting two larger areas of water
  • not wide; "a narrow bridge"; "a narrow line across the page"

Curry leaves on their way to the market
Curry leaves on their way to the market
This man on his bicycle was carrying a load of curry leaves - so said our guide - presumably on the way to the market, or maybe to a restaurant somewhere in Mumbai. From Wikipedia - The Curry Tree (Murraya koenigii; syn. Bergera koenigii, Chalcas koenigii) (Tamil: ??????????? karivepallai, Malayalam: ?????????? kariveppila, Kannada: ???????? ?????? karibevina soppu, Telugu: ????????? karivepaku , kadipatta, Bengali: ??????? Kari Gaas) is a tropical to sub-tropical tree in the family Rutaceae, which is native to India. It produces the leaves known as Curry leaves or Sweet Neem leaves. Karivepillai in Tamil means black neem as the appearance of the leaves look similar to the neem leaves. Description It is a small tree, growing 4-6 m tall, with a trunk up to 40 cm diameter. The leaves are pinnate, with 11-21 leaflets, each leaflet 2-4 cm long and 1-2 cm broad. They are highly aromatic. The flowers are small white, and fragrant. The small black, shiny berries are edible, but their seeds are poisonous. The species name commemorates the botanist Johann Konig. Names The small and narrow leaves somewhat resemble the leaves of the Neem tree; therefore they are also referred to as Kadhi Patta (Hindi), Mithho Limdo (Gujarati) Kadhielimba (Marathi), (Patta meaning leaf and Kadhi being a popular dish that consists of a thin soup or stew made from yogurt, among dishes this leaf is used to spice) Karivepaku in Telugu (aaku means leaf), Karuveppilai (translated to Black Neem leaf) in Tamil and Malayalam, Karu/Kari meaning black, ilai meaning leaves and veppilai meaning Neem leaf. In the Kannada language it is known as Kari Bevu. Other names include Karivepaku Karuveppilai, noroxingha (Assamese), Bhursunga Patra (Oriya), and Karapincha (Sinhalese). Uses The leaves are highly valued as seasoning in South Indian and Sri Lankan cooking, much like bay leaves and especially in curries with fish or coconut milk. They are also used as an ingredient in the popular Pakistani dish karhi. In their fresh form, they have a short shelf life though they may be stored in a freezer for quite some time; however, this can result in a loss of their flavour. They are also available dried, though the aroma is much inferior. The leaves of Murraya koenigii are also used as a herb in Ayurvedic medicine. Their properties include much value as an antidiabetic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, anti-hypercholesterolemic etc. Curry leaves are also known to be good for hair, for keeping them healthy and long. Although most commonly used in curries, leaves from the Curry Tree can be used in many other dishes to add spice. Propagation Seeds must be planted fresh; dried or shriveled fruits are not viable. Plant either the whole fruit (or remove the pulp) in potting mix and keep moist but not wet.
Hairy Scary House
Hairy Scary House
This soooooooo COOL!!!...The story is I am fascinated with old houses & WHAT is inside them...the stories they tell...Well this one had a lot to tell...The first Peek inside the door to the right revealed a bed & old Piano..suitcases open & household items strewn all about. To the left you enter another room..where in the corner was a big chest type freezer..I didn't have the guts to open it!!!!!!...Below in my comment you see Vinny's photo of the Living Area..I mean LOOK at that!! Than we went into the Kitchen..I wanted to know if there was food in the fridge...LOl..Vinny thought I was just SICK...I don't think he thought I would really open it...but YEP...there was a whole Fridge full of food...all moldy & who knows WHAT it had one been...makes you wonder how & why people would have to leave in such a hurry......Upstairs..the steps were narrow & items of clothing & bags hung on the wall..we came upon a pair of shoes that had looked like they had just been stepped out of.....a liquor bottle and and old military jacket...A Large Deer head hung on the wall above our heads...CREEEEEPY!...Dene & I were in there & than of course we did the old Screaming in the house to see if the guys would come running....LOL!...This was before they came in...because we told them they just HAD to see what all was in there!... Hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving!...Happy B&W Friday!

narrow freezer