Lg French Door Refrigerator Counter Depth

lg french door refrigerator counter depth
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  • Large
lg french door refrigerator counter depth - LG Kitchen
LG Kitchen Series : LFX25980ST 24.7 cu. ft. Freestanding French Door Refrigerator - Stainless Steel
LG Kitchen Series : LFX25980ST 24.7 cu. ft. Freestanding French Door Refrigerator - Stainless Steel
Multi-Air Flow Cooling System
LoDecibel Quiet Operation
BioShield Anti-Bacterial Seal
IcePlus accelerates ice production for up to 24 hours and lowers the temperature in the freezer
Premium handles to match the kitchen package design
2007 CES Innovations Award
Width: 35 3/4"
Depth: 33 3/4"
Depth without Door and Handles: 27 7/8"
Depth without Handles: 32 2/5"
Depth with Door at 90: 46 1/2"
Height: 69 3/4"
Height without Hinges: 68 3/8"
Refrigerator Capacity: 17.6 cu. ft.
Freezer Capacity: 7.1 cu. ft.
Total Capacity: 24.7 cu. ft.
Type: Freestanding
Style: Bottom Freezer
Size: Standard
Door Style: French Door
Door Finish: Smooth
Color: Stainless Steel
Type of Shelves: Glass
No. of Shelves: 4
Cantilever Shelves
Split Shelves
No. of Door Bins: 4
Adjustable Door Bins
Gallon Door St

77% (7)
Depth of Field, f/2.8
Depth of Field, f/2.8
I've been doing a number of very close focus "depth of field" shots this year. Some of them have been very hit and miss as to where the point of focus actually is. I decided it was about time to find out how much "depth of field" I actually have. These two shots are set up identically - the only thing that has changed is the f-stop and the amount of light. The camera set up is the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 set to 70mm with focus as close as it will go. there is also a Canon EF Extension Tube 12 between the lens and camera. I focussed on the 'zero' line on the ruler. On this shot the focus has gone before you get to one millimetre. 322/365
Depth of Field -- f 5.6
Depth of Field -- f 5.6
The camera is focused on the girl furthest from the camera, about 24-inches from the lens. At f-5.6 the depth-of-field is shallow, meaning areas in front of and behind the point of sharpest focus are softer.

The effect is increased the closer the object is to the camera. Notice that the girls in the foreground are almost completely out of focus. Look at the rocks they're standing on to get an idea of what area is actually in acceptable focus at f-5.6.

Compare this photo to the next photo, also shot at f-5.6, but focused on the girl in the foreground.

lg french door refrigerator counter depth