Fridge fun magnets : Grocery store refrigerators : With r410a refrigerant.

Fridge Fun Magnets

fridge fun magnets
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fridge fun magnets - Dowling Magnets
Dowling Magnets Foam Fun Magnet Uppercase Letters
Dowling Magnets Foam Fun Magnet Uppercase Letters
Dowling Magnets Foam Fun Magnet Uppercase Letters
Four colors make these sets playful. Plenty of vowels and key consonants allow for hours of word builing - 58 letters.
Recommended Ages: 3 years and up

A new take on an old favorite, these colorful, soft foam refrigerator magnets make learning the alphabet extra fun. Durable, flexible, and kid-safe, each set comes with instructions on pre-reading activities parents can share with their kids. Pair them with the 70 Lowercase & Punctuation Magnet Letters or the 62 Magnet Numbers and Symbols set to enhance creative learning. --Marianne Painter

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1996 Beavis & Butthead "Fridge Fun" Poetry Magnets
1996 Beavis & Butthead "Fridge Fun" Poetry Magnets
Turns a refrigerator into a low-brow poetry display! These are quite rare now. MTV pulled the license on them almost as soon as they were released so all packages in the stores were pulled from the shelves meaning they went only to the quick and decisive (or lucky). Found 'em in a box that was packed up for a move and then stored for several years. Bought for a gift so were unused. Lots of fun to post on the refrigerator or metal door, file cabinets, etc. Won't repeat all the words but some of them include: Cornholio Sphincter Diarrhea Whack Buzzcut Loogie Knocker Almighty Heh heh heh Pull Finger Wipe Underwear ...and many more for 246 magnets with 8 blanks (to make your own words -- it even comes with a special pencil all sharpened and ready to go). What kinds of poems could you come up with given these words?! :D ~~ All these (and more) need new homes as I'm going to a different country for an extended stay soon so send me a Flickr Mail message (access through the arrow that appears near my profile photo when mousing over it) if interested.
Birthday Fridge Magnets
Birthday Fridge Magnets
I have had to spend the morning rearranging the side of my fridge to find space for the fantastic ransom letter fridge magnets my Mum got me for my birthday - it beats doing the ironing which is the next birthday "treat" I have in store!!

fridge fun magnets