What We Did in October

October 1, 2010
    This week Brad was our VIP. All fifth graders were busy with Iowa Tests.  It was very boring.  It felt long when you were doing it but on Thursday it felt like we were finally done.
    We had our first popcorn Friday.  Popcorn costs only 25 cents.  A lot of kids participate in buying popcorn.  If you didn't buy popcorn you were staring it while other people were eating it.
    We are leading with the most box tops.  If we win, we get to have a S'mores party.
    On Wednesday kids at Fairfield celebrated the Early Release Day.  It was fun because we had more time to play after school, and we had no homework so it was even more fun.  
    September was a quick month and now we're starting October, an awesome new month.
                                                                                                                        written by Colin and Skyler

October 8, 2010
        On Thursday we had our Desk Sale.  We brought in things to sell to earn money for United Way.  All together we raised $78.16.
    We played FROG
S for the first time.  It was lots of fun and lots of people won erasers.  We worked hard to earn 1000 points.
    We went outside to find a surprise of a giant pendulum.  It was a cable and a bowling ball.  We tested how many cycles it did in 15 seconds.  We had lots of different pendulum bobs.  If the length is the same you mostly get the same number of cycles,
    This week we had lots of new math stars.  Those stars are Desirae, Devin, Alex, and Eric.  Brock was the VIP and Nick had a birthday.
                                                               written by Brad and Mikayla

October 15, 2010
    This week Nick was V.I.P.  The math stars this week were Lucas, Kyrie, Brock, and Blake.  Mikayla sprained her
ankle.  Savanna has the estimating jar.  She brought Silly Bandz.
    We played Strategy Kickball and Knock Out in phys ed.  We are almost finished with fitness testing.  We did Make It Take It in art.  We got to choose if we wanted to buy a magnet that was a smaller version of our art project.
    We're starting to learn about Native Americans and we watched a video about them.  We're going to make projects about them.
    We had a fire drill and a lock down drill this week.  The police came to inspect us.
    In math we played the Ruler Game.  We rounded decimals.  We measured volume with graduated cylinders.
                                                                    written by Lauren and Eric

October 25-29, 2010
    This week we had a celebration of Fairfield's Finest in the gym.  We had a pumpkin rolling contest.  We had snacks and juice pouches.
    Second quarter started.  Report cards are going home on Monday.
    We had
our Halloween party and Halloween parade.  We took our kindergarten buddies.  We played GHOST.  GHOST is exactly like BINGO and whenever we got five in row we got a cool Halloween eraser.
    We did fun Halloween games in Phys. Ed. We had fun skipping and galloping when we played Old Mother Witch.  Then we played Ghost Busters.
    This week our math stars were Devin, Savanna, Blake, Mikayla, Lucas, Colin, Olivia.  Skyler was the V.I.P.  Lauren brought in the estimating jar with pennies in it.
    We started doing numerical order in line with the VIP in front and we keep going up.  We went to a Dome Theater and we learned about space. 
    Because of the tornado warning we had lunch in the room.  We watched videos of books from the library web site.
                                                                                                    written by Blake and Brock