What We Did in November

November 1-5   

    This was a great week in Mrs. Coleman’s class.  We started and finished our D.A.R.E. essays.   We used flash drives for the first time while working on our essays and read it with whisper phones to check over our work. We also worked on our covers and slogans.  D.A.R.E. baseball was a big hit.
    We got our report cards on Monday. We worked very hard this quarter. This week Mrs. Coleman got a new computer. We were bo
th curious and excited. It is very cool.  We had voting in the cafeteria on Tuesday so we ate in the gym.
    In art we earned 10 points. We made rain forest animals.   They were very detailed when we got done working on them. We voted on the Buckeye
Children’s Award in library this week.  It was hard to pick because they were all so good.  In gym we played castle ball and we played a teamwork  game.  We struggled with the teamwork game because it was very difficult.  Everyone stretched out the circle.
    We are learning about stars and constellations in science. We watched a video to help us get more information and learn how stars are formed and what they are made of.
    Molly Moon’s Incredible of Book of Hypnotism is our new class book.  It has been really interesting so far.  We also read The Rough Faced Girl about an Indian girl.
    This was a week for tests, tests, tests. We took tests in math,  social studies and reading.  Math was about angles and measurements.  Social studies was about Native Americans.
  Devin was our VIP this week and Colin brought in the estimating jar.  He brought in chocolate whoppers. We got a total of 670 points this week. Our goal is 1,000. Maybe next week.

                                                                                        written by Megan and Lucas

November 15-19
    Eric brou
ght in Hershey bars for his birthday and we used them to do a math lesson with fractions.  We were only allowed to eat a little bit at a time.  Some people thought it was torture because they had to wait so long to eat it.
    We just started learning about Marco Polo and Leif Erikson.  We found out what Marco Polo meant.   The game Marco Polo is played because he was trying to find a new way.
    This wee

k we had a lot of Math Stars, more than usual.  The people who are Math Stars are Lucas, Megan, Mikayla, Alex, Mason, Arielle, Savanna, Kyrie, and Olivia.
    OSU is winning he Food Drive.  The Food Drive is bringing in cans of food for people who need them.  We see if OSU or Michigan fans can bring in more cans.  Usually OSU wins.

    We read about snakes in the Everglades.  The snakes go up to 25 feet.  They are a threat because hey are invading the Everglades.  They tried to eat an alligator but the snake split open. 
    Savanna was our V.I.P. this week and Rachael was V.I.P. last week.  There was a Thanksgiving lunch this week in the cafeteria.

                                                                                                                           written by Brianne and Devin

November 29-December 3

    This week we had D.A.R.E. Graduation. Desirae read her essay and Brad was our slogan winner. We got a certificate to show that we graduated from D.A.R.E.

    In art we are making a Christmas mural which includes, deer, snowmen, and sleighs. We are constructing them with paper and using simple parts to make them.

    Zoobreak won the Buckeye Children's Book Award for our school. Third through fifth graders chose it and kindergarten through second grade voted for Duck Rabbit.

    It snowed on December 1st. It was like magic! All the kids loved it.

    We are trying to finish up our Flip videos about Earth's rotation and revolution. It's coming together for all of us. It takes longer than you think to make a two minute video.

    We are collecting milk cartons for our gingerbread houses that we are going to make in school. We have to bring white icing to keep it together.

    We are collecting gift cards for the needy. When you bring in a gift card, you get to decorate an ornament to put on the Giving Tree. In music we are learning Christmas songs so we can have a sing-along assembly.

    Our V.I.P. this week was Nick. Colin and Brad are Math Stars.

                                                                                                        written by Chase and Rachael